Michael Bennett is accused of domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend, which slams the NFL and CTE


Former NFL star Michael Bennett was accused by his former girlfriend of instigating domestic violence after sharing her story on social media. Bennett was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 2001 (27th overall) and had a nine-year stint in the NFL before ditching his boots in 2010. However, while Bennett is clearly the culprit, his ex-girlfriend has slammed the NFL for his current condition.

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Michael Bennett’s ex-girlfriend accuses former NFL star of domestic violence and accuses CTE

Michael Bennett’s former girlfriend and mother of one of his children shared on Instagram just how much abuse the ex-NFL star did to her. She posted photos of her injuries on social media and accused the NFL of telling the truth about CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). CTE is a very rare condition that is not yet well understood but is known to be caused by repeated head trauma. She said, “Oh, and by the way, they are NOT testing for behavioral problems in the concussion. They are hiding this page. Because they don’t want the world to know that they are taking the biggest, strongest, fastest, most athletic, and most physical.” To fit men IN THE WORLD and make them real psychopaths who do this to their loved ones “.

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She added that “CTE made him a clinical psychopath or an antisocial personality disorder”. She also posted screenshots of her chats in which Bennett verbally abused her even though they hadn’t been together for more than two years. Bennett even went so far as to refer to his daughter as a “future stripper.” The domestic violence case of Michael Bennett isn’t the first time the former NFL star has gotten into trouble.

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After his last appearance with the Oakland Raiders in 2010, the running back admitted that he wanted to commit suicide. Bennett, who spoke to the Twist podcast, had mentioned earlier that he was suddenly sitting in the parking lot with a gun to his head because he couldn’t play soccer. He was arrested in 2015 after his then-girlfriend’s parents found out that a loan had been taken out on their home. The 42-year-old had obtained a $ 225,000 loan for stealing personal information from parents and then forging documents while he was released on parole for a wire transfer fraud in 2012. In 2017, Bennett pleaded guilty to burglary, identity theft, and attempted theft from an older adult in excess of $ 100,000.

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