Man who beat police officers on a bus in Zaragoza arrested in Alicante

A man who beat police officers on a bus in Zaragoza is arrested in Alicante. Image: Twitter

A man is arrested in Alicante for hitting an off-duty police officer in Zaragoza

National Police officers have finally caught up with the man who brutally assaulted an off-duty police officer in Zaragoza on October 17. The incident occurred in the Aragonese capital after the officer ordered the man to wear his face mask and he became aggressive.

The investigators had followed the man and finally arrested him in the city of Alicante on the Costa Blanca. Apparently he had been sighted in various places before they found him. Her suspect was only known to be an immigrant and had no previous convictions.

According to the state police, the arrested person is a 29-year-old man. He was arrested at around 2:40 p.m. today, Monday 25 October, on Guardiola Street in Alicante. His arrest was a collaboration between the armed forces from Zaragoza, Alicante and Madrid.

The statement said that the man was obviously trying to leave the country and they are happy to arrest him before he could. From the beginning, a judge had issued an arrest warrant for the attacker because of the risk of fleeing.

A video – which you can watch below – showing him attacking the cop off duty has gone viral on social networks. The police inspector can be seen intervening after passengers reprimanded the man for not wearing a mask. At this point the inmate became very aggressive, even hearing the offer to get off at the next stop to fight him. The officer remained calm and tried to calm the situation down, but the man attacked the officer as soon as the bus doors opened.

He kicked him twice in the chest, then threw him to the ground and continued beating the officer. As a result of the attack, the policeman suffered severe bruises and a damaged eye and is on sick leave, as from. reported


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