Mallorca menu del dia is now one of the most expensive in Spain and prices are increasing


That Balearic consumers and user association (consubal) has criticized the fact that Shopping has become 34.7 percent more expensive on the islands so far this year and on top of electricity and fuel prices “is making it extremely difficult for families to make ends meet”.

The association said today that the products that have seen the most price increases are sunflower oil (75.17%), eggs (31%) and milk (24%) and pasta and rice, up 14% and 23% respectively.

Consubal warned against it With the costs of going back to school coming up, fall and winter are going to be very “complicated timesbecause in addition to the increase in the price of goods and services for basic needs, the interest rate increases for mortgages, rents and electricity must also be taken into account.

In addition, rising prices have meant that the The cost of a Menu del Dia in the Balearic Islands has also increased spicy. According to the latest report from the Hospitality Association of Spain, a Menu del Dia now costs an average of 12.8 eurosone euro more than in 2016.

The general secretary of the association, Emilio Gallego, has stressed that despite a 9% price increase for the daily menuthere was no “impact on demand and consumption”.

It is a “very Spanish product that has been working in a very important way for decades in terms of value for money” and for this reason they hope that the level of consumption will remain the same despite the “adjustment” of the price.

The report shows that in the In ten major Spanish cities, the average price for a daily menu was 13 euros; Barcelona (14) and Madrid (13.9) stand out, followed by smaller capitals such as Madrid Palma (13.6), Bilbao (13.5) and Zaragoza (12.8).

Between November 2021 and April 2022, 37% of the restaurants surveyed increased the price of the menu by 5%, 30% by 10% and 7% by 15%.


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