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Mobility restrictions have gradually been eased in Europe and some cities have started to recover business tourism, but not at the same pace. According to Homelike, eight European cities have increased their rental prices for temporary apartments this year compared to 2020.

These are Crambridge (England), Dublin (Ireland), Heildeberg (Germany), London (England), Bonn (Germany), Munich (Germany), Manchester (England) and Vienna (Austria).

The platform for renting accommodation for business travelers and digital nomads has compiled the average prices for temporary rentals in 20 European cities in 2020 and 2021.

What happened to Spanish cities? Madrid and Barcelona saw average rents fall by 6.55% and 5.97% respectively this year compared to 2020. With this decline, both Spanish cities are among the top ten cheapest to rent an apartment on a temporary basis.

In seventh place is Madrid, where the average price of an apartment for temporary rent is 1,412 euros per month. Six German cities occupy the top positions among the cheapest on the Old Continent.

In first place is Cologne with 994 euros per month, followed by Düsseldorf, where 1,103 euros are paid per month. Bonn closes the podium with an interim rent of 1,132 euros per month. In Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg renting an apartment costs 1,218 euros, 1,281 euros and 1,337 euros a month, respectively.

With an average price higher than Madrid, there is Germany’s Stuttgart with 1,426 euros per month for renting an apartment on a temporary basis and Vienna (Austria) where 1,432 euros are paid. Barcelona closes this top ten with an average price of 1,464 euros per month.

The highest prices
On the other side of the scale, Cambridge, England tops the list of ten most expensive European cities to rent a house seasonally, where this type of accommodation has an average price of 4,146 euros per month.

This is followed by London (England) with 3,422 euros per month and Dublin (Ireland), where 2,812 euros are paid. Next up are the cities of Zurich (Switzerland) with an average rental price of 2,398 euros per month; Paris (France), where it costs € 2,066 a month; Edinburgh (Scotland) for 2,052 euros and Amsterdam (Netherlands) for 1,993 euros.

Heildeberg (Germany), where the average price is 1,924 euros per month, Manchester (England) with 1,879 euros and Munich (Germany), where 1,522 euros per month are paid for renting an apartment on a temporary basis, close the top ten cities with more expensive rents a temporarily.

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