Laredo judge decides that the accused Sugar Rush engraver is lawfully imprisoned


Anthony Tays Jr., 18, accused two weeks ago of murdering a man and stabbing five others to death in Sugar Rush Partyland, is being held in jail with reasonable grounds, ruled 406th District Court Judge Oscar “OJ” Hale on Thursday.

Tays ‘attorney Sergio Lozano filed for an arrest warrant last week to secure Tays’ release from Webb County Jail. He argued that Tays’ continued detention was unlawful and based on evidence with no probable cause.

However, Judge Hale found that prosecutors had produced an affidavit from a Laredo police officer who had taken testimony from witnesses and confirmed those testimony with surveillance footage. That is what the court can determine as the likely cause, Hale said.

There is also a deceased person, several people who ended up in the hospital and eyewitness testimony for moments that happened off camera, he said.

This may not be sufficient evidence for the state to unequivocally prove their case in front of a jury, but it is enough to prove that a crime was committed and Tays was involved, Hale said.

Arrest warrants were served on Tays on April 6, indicting one case of murder and five cases of grievous bodily harm with a lethal weapon.

Around 5 a.m. on April 5, Laredo police responded to a shooting at 4502 McPherson Road in which they encountered five injured men aged 23, 25, 26, 29 and 31 years old. All were taken to different hospitals for treatment.

A sixth man, identified as Jaime Leal Rodriguez, 22, was taken to Laredo Medical Center in a private vehicle. After arriving at LMC, he died of his injuries. His death was recorded as the third murder in the city that year.

Laredo Police Department Detective Luis Mata testified Thursday that Tays was identified as the main attacker based on video evidence and testimony from two of the victims.

Tays denied wielding a cutting instrument, but that doesn’t match the video footage, Mata said.

All of the injured had cuts on the back and lower back, with the exception of Rodriguez, who was cut on the upper body. The state is still waiting for Rodriguez’s autopsy report, but they believe he bled to death after receiving 15 cuts on his body, Mata said.

The police determined that this incident was not a random act of violence, but an argument that escalated to violence among known acquaintances. The investigation also found that another suspect in the reception hall fired a gun multiple times. The preliminary results do not suggest that the victims were injured by gunfire. “

Tays remains behind bars in the Webb County Jail on a $ 525,000 bond.

Lozano called for his bail to be reduced to $ 100,000 at the end of Thursday’s hearing as Tays cannot afford the $ 525,000 bail.

Hale denied this request because Lozano had not made an official request to reduce the bond. The judge also said the bail was set at a reasonable amount.

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