KPS3 hires Tom Kohler as a production artist


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(RENO, Nev.) – KPS3, a full-service marketing and digital communications company, has hired Tom Kohler as its production artist.

KPS3 hires Tom Kohler as a production artist

Full-time graphic designer since 2005 and freelance graphic designer since 2000, Kohler brings his love of print, typography, design and balance to every project.

A graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle, Kohler spent most of his time in the games industry, working for companies that made board and card games. After a stint on the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon campus, where he served as Marketing Production Coordinator, Kohler returned to games to work for Pokémon and later for Jasco Games in Las Vegas.

Kohler moved to Reno in 2016 and accepted a position at Zero8 Studios before moving to Foundry. While he has mainly focused on production, he is also extremely passionate about the arts, especially Renaissance painters and Art Nouveau.

About KPS3:
As an integrated marketing agency, KPS3 delivers targeted branding, marketing and public relations designed to move companies towards growth. KPS3 offers opportunities through data and causes companies to react to this data by combining brand-centric creatives and communication with quantifiable results. KPS3 brings insights to life. Learn more at



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