Kelly Marie Tran talks about the pressure to play Raya


“Our stories are valid and we deserve to be told in every possible way.”

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She speaks Disney’s first Southeast Asian princess in Raya and the last dragonwhich should appear next year.

She previously played Rose Tico in war of starswhich made her the first colored woman to play a major character in the franchise.

At WrapWomen’s Power Women Summit, Kelly spoke about the pressures of playing such a historical figure, a situation she doesn’t necessarily agree with. WrapWomen’s Power Women Summit

“It shouldn’t feel so precious that there is something like this in the world,” she said. “There should just be so many. Do you know what I mean?”

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“I feel like sometimes when you’re in an underrepresented group of people and you get this opportunity, you have to do all these mental Olympics to say, ‘Oh, I have to be extra grateful because it will never happen again becomes .’ And that’s such unfair pressure to impose on yourself. “

Kelly continued to score outstanding points, recognizing her gratitude for the opportunity that a character like Raya represents, but also that such opportunities should not be so rare for BIPOC.

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“It’s not fair to think that this will be the only time this will happen,” she said, explaining that she had a similar feeling when she did war of stars.

“Our stories are valid and we deserve to be told in every possible way and we deserve to be told repeatedly from different angles.”

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I cannot stress how RIGHT she is. ATTENTION STUDIOS: LISTEN TO KELLY MARIE TRAN. You can make more than one non-white film a year !!!!!

You can check out the full panel right here for more thoughtful insights:

Check out this video on YouTube

The wrap

The panel also shows Beanie Feldstein (Booksmart), Maitreyi Ramakrishnan (I have never) and Sturm Reid (euphoria).

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