Juarez police raided two migrant warehouses and freed 121 Central and South Americans from smugglers


Chihuahua police arrest two suspected smugglers before moving into homes near Aztecas, Zaragoza neighborhoods

EL PASO, Texas (border report) – Juarez police arrested two smugglers over the weekend and rescued 121 Central and South American migrants from illegal safe shelters.

The arrests came first. Two men, identified only as Kevin Coster GT, 25, and Juan Isidro GC, 43, were detained Saturday in South Juarez while they allegedly offered to illegally enter the U.S. for money, police said of the state of Chihuahua.

Juan Isidro and Kevin Coster were arrested by Juarez police on Saturday for changes in the smuggling of migrants. (Courtesy photo of Chihuahua State)

Police seized $ 300 and a Chevrolet Cruze that the alleged smugglers used to transport migrants to the border.

A day later, city police raided a house near the Los Aztecas neighborhood, where they found 112 migrants in overcrowded conditions.

Police said the migrants could barely move in the three-room cinder block building built on the side of a hill. The migrants were taken to temporary accommodation in the Kiki Romero Gym in central Juarez.

Later that day, state police raided a house less than 2 miles from the Zaragoza International Bridge, where they found nine other migrants imprisoned in it. State Police have told Border Report that the migrants are little more than prisoners to the smugglers, forbidding them to go out, giving them very little, if any, food, and not telling them exactly when they will try to cross the United States.

So far this calendar year, Juarez City and State Police have come across nearly a dozen secure shelters for migrants and have transported more than 1,000 international citizens to the Kiki Romero Gym.


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