Joan Laporta faces the first crisis six days after winning the presidential election in Barcelona


Joan Laporta won’t start his second term as Barcelona president in a calm atmosphere, according to Marca. He is less than a full week after his election victory and has already seen the club exit the Champions League through Paris Saint-Germain. More damaging, however, is the news that Jaume Giro, who wanted to play a key figure on the financial side of his board of directors, has resigned.

Giro is a former managing director of Fundacio Caixabank. Not only did he bring a significant amount of money into the future board with his personal fortune, but he also negotiated guarantees with various banks. Laporta cannot be sworn in as president if its board of directors does not present 15% of the Barcelona budget, € 125 million. However, Laporta remain confident of having the guarantees signed on Sunday and submitting them to the league on Monday.

Joan Laporta

The problem that led to Giro’s resignation was a discrepancy between himself and Laporta over what responsibilities he should assume in his government. It officially took place on Saturday, but Laporta has been known for days. Giro’s letter claimed the reason was due to his job commitments in London, which means he cannot use the time allotted to him on Barcelona. In both cases, however, Laporta will have to look for another business leader to deal with Barcelona’s debts of over EUR 1 billion.


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