Javier Bardem is quite an actor, but not a great singer


In tone and character

With Being the Ricardos being touted for awards, Javier Bardem is now being honest. In the film he plays Lucille Ball’s husband Desi Arnaz. Desi, the Cuban musician, sang in real life. So Javier, the Spanish actor, has to sing in the role life.

There was a problem. The guy doesn’t sing. But he wanted the part. But a good actor is what he is, so he made it. What he did was he gave director Aaron Sorkin a cheating job. However, Sorkin is so smart that he can even tell when a script sucks just by smelling the paper it’s written on. He knew he understood but he wanted Javier who definitely said he definitely sings. However, he definitely couldn’t even hum. never. Nada.

Even his speaking voice is much quieter than Desi’s. But he quickly ran to a singing teacher and got lessons. Calm down: A Junior Bruno Mars or Justin Bieber he is not. Opening for Taylor Swift he will not. But he sings in the film now. And he says: “Actors lie a lot to get roles. It wasn’t my first time.”

He also says he now plans to get more singing roles. So maybe let’s all keep an eye out for him on America’s Got Talent.

Schlager pub

Woody Harrelson, whose deeds make many award lists, also did the London Mirror some time ago. He and Kyle MacLachlan had gone for a pint in a West End pub. Then an innocent bystander – with no bladder control – appears to have accidentally slammed the study door shut so fast it hit pal Kyle. Woody pretended to bam bam the poor guy who just innocently had to deal with a quick ring of the bell. Eventually, Woody calmed down and invited the peer-er to join them. And every three pints drunk happily ever after.

Andy’s world

“Chasing Andy Warhol” is supposed to be a new friendly show. This thing opens in March. Not indoors with masks. Outside with boots. It slumbers and drags itself on sidewalks. A walking tour production that takes place on the streets of the Lower East Side. question why? Answer: To relive the life and times of the elusive, mystical Warhol for some reason.

Captivate listeners with tuna

Even before Samuel Morse’s dot-dot-dash thing, Joan Hamburg was on the radio. She’s always been on the radio. Your crib was probably equipped with a microphone. WABC they call it First Lady of Radio.

Joan: “At first I didn’t know what to talk about. The guy who hired me said, ‘So talk about tuna.’ Tuna? He said, “Yeah, everyone likes tuna.” Eventually they got me a tutor who taught me, ‘Never go on the air without at least four topics to talk about if your guest won’t talk.’ Good hint. I can’t tell you how many guests just can’t speak!

Joan Hamburg at her home on Sagaponack Road in Sagaponack, NY
Joan Hamburg is a radio industry titan.
Gordon M. Grant

“Later I screwed up when I had a guest that made me nervous. It was Good Friday. And I was up and happy. Immediately there was a moment of terrifying silence. The station people were very Catholic. They weren’t happy to hear wow-ee happy good friday. Luckily someone ran out and got a guitar and started playing and saved my butt.

“We’ve all had bad times. Like the great tennis player Billie Jean King. I didn’t quite know where to start, so I asked her if she was gay. She got so angry she literally took off. I never saw her again.”

Stutman Michael Stutman of Stutman & Lichtenstein is a divorce attorney. He had a client who sued the ex-husband for small non-refundable items — around $2,500. Jeffrey, the ex declined, didn’t want to pay, so the cranky client wanted to go back to court. There, the judge found for that woman that PLUS ordered the ex to pay her $77,000 — the amount it cost the attorneys to bring him down.

It recalls the immortal words of Plato, who once warned his former partner: “Irv, hell has no fury like a Manhattan law starred.”

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.


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