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On July 27, more than 200 executives, innovators and drivers of change met for the third annual HBA Innovation Summit on “Innovation on the Rocks”. The immersive live experience was as memorable for its iconic views from the Upper Terrace of the Red Rocks Amphitheater as it was for its programming and networking that brought people together to cultivate relationships and inspire new perspectives.

The event focused on solutions and advancements as attendees heard from forward-thinking leaders who were focused on driving change and catalyzing innovation in their fields. Keynote speaker Scott Dikkers, founder of the humor website The Onion, shared how he developed a creative culture of open honesty and freedom and built one of the most famous comedy brands into an empire with almost no marketing budget.

Mark Schlereth “Stink”, three-time Super Bowl champion and veteran of the NFL broadcaster, hosted the event and hosted a panel discussion with local executives including Rachel Benedick from VISIT DENVER, Qadra Evans from Zillow Listing Services and Adam Reed from Big Red F Restaurant Group . Panellists shared how they have tackled unprecedented change and adjusted business practices to resolve and evolve them.

Here are some key takeaways from the esteemed speaker list.
Scott Dikkers
Dikkers stated that it didn’t work for him until he found his mission: comedy. He suggests, “The source of innovation is an obsession with getting better at something you love to do.” He found that you don’t have to be good at what you want to improve, but you have to hire people who are better and smarter than you are so that you can make them innovative.

Mark Schlereth
Schlereth spoke about the importance of team building. “Create an atmosphere in which we can be together on this matter. Sacrifice for one another. I can’t be good if we’re not all really good. “

Quadra Evans
Evans found that putting one foot in front of the other was the most important lesson. She explained that the pandemic is connecting the Zillow team in new ways. “We started building teams across the country – it’s such a gift. The variety of perspectives and life stories means better collaboration, better ideas and a better atmosphere than before COVID. We are experiencing more than we have ever known from such a large variety of people. “

Adam Reed
Reed noted that in the restaurants owned by the Big Red F Restaurant Group, having a clear idea of ​​where you were going was more important than ever. “Our most valuable resource are our employees. Maintaining the life of our team inside and outside the company. We did a lot for charity and donated around 1,500 meals to food banks, which strengthened the solidarity in the team. We are also committed to feeding all of our hourly workers. We have invested in what is most important – the people. “

Rachel Benedick
Benedick announced that conscious communication and transparency were the key for VISIT DENVER. “We were brutally honest. Our budget went from $ 43 million to $ 12 million overnight. We had our insecurities. I’ve learned that my preferred leadership quality is curiosity. The idea that we as managers always have the feeling that we have to have the answers, but to learn, to ask questions and to learn – curiosity is the key. “

The HBA Innovation Summit 2021 was thanks to our sponsors like Toll Brothers, Ferguson, Zillow, StrucSure Home Warranty, KGA Studio Architects, KB Home, Westwood Professional Services, Colten Mortgage, Invalesco Real Estate, TRIO, Possibilities for Design, Shea. a success Homes, Kephart, ColoradoBiz Magazine, and Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine.

The committee of the HBA Innovation Summit 2021 was led by Gilda. managed together Zaragoza with Invalesco Real Estate and Brian Cassidy with Toll Brothers. Committee members included Angela Harris from TRIO, Jennifer Williams from KGA Studio Architects, Carrie Firmine from TRIO, Jamie Goldman from Kephart, Holly Scott from TRIO, Mary Schroeder from TRIO, Connie Dahl from HBA, Michelle Ellis from Ellis Communications Marketing, and Lisa Parrish with Peter Mayer Productions.

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