Iberdrola, the first Spanish company to hold its general meeting in Metaverse


Iberdrola takes another step forward to make meetings more digital and participatory.

Once again, the company sets the benchmark in facilitating shareholder monitoring and engagement not only in person, but also through the major digital channels and the most convenient and useful mobile apps for shareholders. The world leader in renewable energy is the first Spanish company to make it possible to follow its general meeting tomorrow, Friday 17 June, in the Metaverse, either in immersive view – with virtual reality glasses – or from any computer or mobile phone.

The electricity company is once again at the forefront of innovation with this project, in which participants can follow the broadcast of the AGM, access it, move around and interact with their personalized avatar along with the other participants in their own area of ​​the company in this new virtual environment , as well as videos about the company and its activities. Some of the leading multinational technology companies are already developing projects in this new reality.

Thanks to the implementation of the Metaverse at this meeting, the shareholder is immersed in an environment that eliminates the barriers between the real and the virtual. Investors can walk through Iberdrolas virtual world and learn more about the company’s most innovative projects and the current status of the energy transition.


This year, the company has strengthened its channels with its more than 600,000 shareholders to encourage their participation in the group’s most relevant decisions, using digital tools.

Iberdrola has evolved the traditional Shareholders’ Day into Shareholders’ Week, presented this year for the first time as an immersive experience in virtual format that includes additional content to facilitate access to all information, as well as participation and monitoring of the progress of the AGM.

Shareholder Week is a digital platform where experts from business, energy, business, law and society present their future visions in audiovisual format through various meetings and interviews, explaining in an educational way the keys of the energy transition and governance for the coming years from the most renowned professionals .

Among the innovations of this meeting, shareholders can also certify their participation via blockchain. Every shareholder who participates through the Iberdrola Portal can verify that their electronic vote or proxy has been properly registered on the blockchain network. Shareholders can hold the consultation from the moment of registering their participation up to one month after the holding of the general meeting.

Blockchain will also certify the proxies and votes of shareholders attending the attention points in Madrid, Barcelona, BilbaoSantander, Valladolid, San Sebastián, Zaragoza and Valencia. With the totems installed in these locations that have already been used in previous locations Iberdrola AGMs, shareholders only need to scan their ID card to be accredited and attend via the website.

Blockchain is an information recording technology that ensures the traceability and immutability of the recorded data. Any vote or proxy received through the Iberdrola portal is stored securely and immutably on the blockchain network and encrypted, guaranteeing its confidentiality. Shareholders can vote online or by proxy until June 16.


Iberdrola aims to encourage the participation of its shareholders and to this end has set up a variety of channels to facilitate their participation. An example of this is this Iberdrola was the first Spanish company to allow its shareholders to exercise their voting rights through instant messaging systems. To vote through this channel, shareholders simply mail an image of their signed proxy and remote voting card Whatsapp (to the number +34 639 000 639) or by telegram (to the Junta Iberdrola account).

In this context, Iberdrola recommends shareholders and their proxies to participate telematically or remotely before the meeting in order to protect their health, promote sustainability and avoid the inconvenience resulting from any measures that may be imposed by the authorities.

This innovation is part of a more digital board concept. In this context, Iberdrola has created Iberdrola Shareholders NEWS, an audiovisual platform exclusively for members of Club of OLA Shareholderswith which the most relevant content about the company can be retrieved from a Smart TV – also for computers and mobile devices – such as financial, industry and social information.


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