Hollywood’s Line 204 studios move to Austin, Bastrop area


Austin’s reputation as “Little California” becomes even more real: The Hollywood film production company Line 204 Studios has announced that it will be building a 546 hectare film studio and production facility in Bastrop.

The company, which specializes in movie props, stages, and other filmmakers for rent, said the new facility will have sound stages, a RV park, beach, golf course, harbor, ranch, and backlit movie sets. The studio would also come with restaurants, event space, and accommodations.

Although the plan was not approved by Bastrop City Council, the Bastrop Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval for the project on June 3. The zoning plan, called Bastrop 552, places the facility in a bend in the Colorado River south of Bastrop near Highway 304.

The entertainment center would offer more than star power to the area. The project will create over 1,400 jobs in addition to 700 construction jobs, and the studio is expected to bring $ 2 billion to the local economy in the first decade, the company said during the June 3 meeting.

Line 204 Studios said they are keen to stimulate the local economy and bring Hollywood-style film productions to the Austin area.

“The community has expressed a unique desire to develop and strengthen the film industry here in central Texas, and we believe this unique and environmentally friendly project will fuel economic growth and contribute to the future success of Bastrop,” the company wrote on June 4th .

While many agreed to the project, some fear the studio could spoil Bastrop’s small-town feel and affect traffic, noise, and the environment.

If approved, the studio will join Troublemaker Studios, owned by renowned filmmaker and Austinite Robert Rodriguez; Rodriguez and director Richard Linklater are bringing the stars Ben Affleck and Alice Braga to Austin for the upcoming film “Hypnotic” later this year. As the city grows, so does its cinematic influence, with films and shows making Austin the set of choice.

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