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In March 2020, Hello alice, started his business-for-all movement. The website offers step-by-step instructions. You will also find expert resources and collaborative communities of fellow entrepreneurs. And all on its Small Business Accelerator platform.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic (COVD-19), Hello Alice then has a Resource platform designed to help companies and workers affected by COVID-19.

Hello Alice starts Business for All

By the Business for all movement, Hello Alice makes $ 200,000 available to small business owners in mentoring, grants, and advocacy programs. The support is open to all small businesses regardless of branch or branch and is aimed in particular at the “new majority”, ie women, people of color, veterans, entrepreneurs with disabilities and LGBTQ entrepreneurs.

The Business for All platform was designed to encourage and “power” thousands of small business owners. In addition to applying for up to $ 200,000 in corporate grants, business owners can get mentors and connect with many high-profile executives such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Kristen Bell, Rebecca Minkoff, and others.

Working with other small businesses

Small businesses can partner with small business owners and non-partisan policymakers through listening sessions and round table discussions on topics critical to small business growth and success.

Small Business Trends spoke to Elizabeth Core. She serves as President of Hello Alice. She also co-founded the company. At Alice, Elizabeth Gore leads the company’s overall growth. It does this through the sales and marketing of companies.

In a telephone interview, she told us that Hello Alice was “extremely proud” to bring Business for All to the market.

“Business for All is aimed at all small businesses and provides resources specifically tailored to a company’s industry and its growth phase,” she said.

Covid-19 makes things more difficult

Think about the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak. And think of the challenging small business impact in the United States. Hello Alice recently launched a resource platform. The company specifically dedicated it to helping small businesses. In particular, it is helping businesses through the uncertain and challenging times that the COVID-19 outbreak has created.

The COVID-19 Business Resource Center includes partners who work with the Hello Alice team. These partners support small businesses financially. And help with navigating government programs. It also helps find corporate discounts. And virtual events and employers support the employees.

Elizabeth Gore told Small Business Trends, “We built the COVID-19 Business Resource Center because our site was flooded. It is important that small businesses know what support is available to them during this challenging time. “

The COVID-19 Business Resource Center gives small businesses access to financial assistance. But there is also assistance with personnel issues and other assistance. It helps manage teams remotely. You can review government-issued resources. And pause or stop operations.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to escalate. But support is building for small businesses every day. And the COVID-19 Business Center is committed to sharing that support. They hope to help as many small businesses and entrepreneurs as possible.

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