Government set to meet Thursday to discuss ‘no more masks’ indoors –


The government will meet on Thursday to discuss “no more masks” indoors

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has said for the third time today, Sunday, that the mandatory use of masks indoors to prevent the spread of the coronavirus will be dropped “soon, very soon”, but this time he has given a date when the government come together to discuss it.

On the two previous occasions, he has only stated, on the advice of the Scientific Committee, that it will be “soon” and when the Minister of Health of Spain, Carolina Darias, determines that it is the right time for it.

He confirmed this this morning before attending the meeting of the PSOE federal committee to analyze the war in Ukraine and after highlighting the “impressive response” that the citizens of Spain have had to the pandemic with an “extraordinarily high” number of people vaccinated and the “lowest” incidence rates across the European Union.

He reiterated that for this reason, “soon, very soon, when the Minister of Health tells us, we will lift the mandatory use of masks indoors”.

“On Thursday we have a meeting of the Inter-Territorial Council with representatives of all the health authorities of the autonomous communities in Zaragoza and the removal of masks is on the agenda to discuss under the new public health surveillance system,” he said.

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