Ghosts: Season Two; CBS to Air Holiday Episodes in Nod to Rose McIver’s Past – Canceled + Renewed TV Shows


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ghosts will be celebrating the holidays this December with special back-to-back episodes paying tribute to star Rose McIver’s past. The actress has appeared in several Christmas films.

Starring McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Brandon Scott Jones, Richie Moriarty, Asher Grodman, Rebecca Wisocky, Sheila Carrasco, Danielle Pinnock, Roman Zaragoza and Devan Chandler Long, the comedy series follows a couple who decide to open a bed and breakfast on an estate they inherited by the woman (McIver). They quickly realize that they are not alone in the house.

ghosts Co-showrunners and executive producers Joe Port and Joe Wiseman told Variety that they’re looking forward to the holidays:

“We thought it would be funny if our Christmas episode was our version of one of those Hallmark Christmas movies, because Sam is very into Christmas and rom-coms, and it’s also a funny nod to Rose McIver’s true life story with those kinds of movies, after he played in the lead role christmas prince trilogy,” Port said. “But because that’s the way it is ghostsit has a very ghosts Twist on what makes the holiday something far from the wholesome family affair Sam envisioned. The double sequel has tons of heart and comes to a very sweet place at the end, but takes on a very weird and ghosts-y path to get there.”

The double episode will air on December 15. Here’s what was revealed about the holiday aftermath:

When Jay’s sister Bela (Punam Patel) returns to Woodstone Mansion for a vacation visit, bringing a platonic male friend with her, Samantha, inspired by the romantic vacation comedies she loves, makes it her mission to spark a vacation romance between them. In the meantime, the spirits have conjured up a completely different holiday plan – also with Bela.

ghosts returns to CBS for its second season 09/29.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the holiday episodes of ghosts this December? Are you looking forward to the second season?


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