Ghosts Season 2 Panel at NYCC Recap

Devan Chandler Long as Thorfinn, Danielle Pinnock as Alberta and Rebecca Wisocky as Hetty in Ghosts Season 2 Episode 2 (Photo: Bertrand Calmeau © 2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc)

CBS’s ghosts The Season 2 panel at New York Comic Con began with a screening of the October 6, 2022 episode “Albertas Podcast.” Executive Producer/Co-Showrunner Joe Wiseman, Román Zaragoza (“Sasappis”), Sheila Carrasco (“Flower” ), Utkarsh Ambudkar (“Jay”), Danielle Pinnock (“Alberta”), Asher Grodman (“Trevor”) and Rebecca Wisocky (“Hetty”) took to the stage at NYCC’s Javits Center to discuss the popular half-hour comedy , which currently airs on Thursday nights.

Here’s a quick summary of all things ghosts from the NYCC panel:

Danielle Pinnock enjoyed a flashback episode to the 1920s that focused on Alberta’s backstory. It was great to learn more about the character, but most importantly, Pinnock could actually touch props – something she can’t when playing a ghost. Holding a mic in a jazz club was exciting, and she finally understood that Alberta lives for the applause.

“Season one, she’s this boisterous, delicious diva. She’s a loudmouth and has been with those smuggler friends, and we find out she might have a bit of a crush on Pete. But in this episode, when I first got on stage, I really understood this character,” Pinnock explained.

Pinnock confirmed she’s ready for Alberta to find some love in the afterlife. She hopes Alberta will give Pete a chance.

Utkarsh Ambudkar thanked fans for their support and said viewers made it the phenomenon it is. “Without our fans, we would be United States of Al. We’d be gone,” Ambudkar joked. He’s seen the joy people get from the show when he bumps into fans on the street.

Jay still can’t see the ghosts, and Utkarsh Ambudkar revealed that he thought season two episode one would be the turning point that would allow his character to see all those ghosts – which he really wants. Unfortunately it didn’t happen that way.

Ambudkar explained how they shoot the scenes where he’s supposed to be unaware of his co-stars. “The short answer is we’re shooting with everyone here and then all these guys go off stage and they’re still saying all their lines and they’re still there for us with as much energy as they did the first time,” Ambudkar said. “Rose (McIver) is our engine. She does the heavy lifting. Rose remembers where everyone was and what their intentions were. She replies to them and then manages my reply to them. Rose really is our puppeteer on set. She’s so much work; She is our unsung heroine.”

Sheila Carrasco was a huge fan of the original BBC series and was excited to get the audition to be part of an American version. As for Flower, Carrasco thinks that she has lived a very beautiful and colorful life. She has robbed a bank, and a cult episode is coming, in which Flower shares some wisdom about how cults work and how they can be dysfunctional and unhealthy at times.

“We get to see more of her wacky perspective, which I’m always happy to explore. I can’t wait to see what else Flower has been up to,” Carrasco said.

Carrasco thinks there is still a trip there for her and Thorfinn. “I believe that underneath everything, they have a deep connection. I think Thorfinn is an old soul and can be very deep. I think eventually they will just connect.”

Ghosts season 2 episode 1
Rose McIver as Samantha, Sheila Carrasco as Flower, Asher Grodman as Trevor, Utkarsh Ambudkar as Jay, Danielle Pinnock as Alberta and Richie Moriarty as Pete in Ghosts Season 2 Episode 1 (Photo: Bertrand Calmeau © 2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc )

Rebecca Wisocky agrees that not being able to touch is sometimes frustrating, and she enjoyed interacting with the washing machine on “Alberta’s Podcast.” The episode gave her a chance to let Hetty loosen up and not be quite so tense. Wisocky loves physical comedy and comes from the theater. “Letting loose on that old Maytag was really, really fun,” Wisocky said.

Wisocky is happy that the episode also allowed her to have great scenes with Sheila Carrasco and Flower and Hetty’s friendship will continue to develop. The characters have interacted as roommates before, but Alberta’s Podcast allowed Carrasco to play Flower as someone able to share her knowledge with Hetty in a productive way. “That part of it was just a really fun opportunity for me as a Flower,” Carrasco said.

Wisocky credited Wiseman and the writers with doing a great job this season in splitting up the characters and creating interesting, unlikely bedfellows.

“We love finding different combinations,” Wiseman said.

Asher Grodman added, “One of the things that’s so cool about our show and allows us to do something that I think a lot of shows can’t do is that the audience obviously knows a lot more than the eight clowns at the same time who do are trapped in Woodstone because we are all trapped in the past, then there is hundreds of years of history in this country that we know more about than you do. And so we approach that relationship with an audience from two different angles.”

Grodman, who also teaches drama at Hunter College, has teased Trevor a lot this season and will continue to say inappropriate things. “Something that I realize in season two is that Trevor is the only one of the ghosts who has still spent more time alive than in death. So there’s a lot he’s doing to try and get his life into the afterlife,” Grodman said. “There’s going to be some looking at connection-like behavior.”

Roman Zaragoza teased that there’s a big upcoming episode for Sasappis called The Tree. Zaragoza admitted to being nervous about doing panels like this and then revealed that the episode will delve a little more into Sas’ backstory. We’ll also see more of Sas’ romantic side and why he’s really bad at dating.

Zaragoza’s real father plays his father in the series and Wiseman confirmed they would love to have him back.

Mark Hamill is a huge fan of the series and Joe Wiseman is willing to have Hamill show up on set whenever he wants. “Whenever he wants to come, yes. Whatever scene we shoot, we write it in.”

ghosts Panel tidbits:

  • The ghost economy is revealed.
  • Jay’s sister is set to return for a holiday episode and Trevor is ready to turn her on again.
  • Rebecca Wisocky said Matt Baynton from the original BBC show (and an original creator of the series) will be a guest in season two. “He’s an incredibly funny and generous actor,” Wisocky said. Asher Grodman confirmed the Baynton guest stars in episode seven, an episode he describes as “great.” Episode seven will be a Pete episode.
  • The cast loves to pull pranks on each other, including a running gag featuring inspirational quotes attributed to Asher.
  • Suggestions have been made for a musical episode and a Blumhouse version where Sam really just walks around talking to walls.

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