Ghost Spoilers: Season 1 Episode 16 – How Trevor Lost His Pants


CBS’ ghosts undresses Trevor by finally addressing the mystery of what happened to his pants on this Thursday’s episode (airing 9/8c).

When one of Trevor’s former friends comes to the mansion to buy Elias’ watch, the truth about the fateful day the financial brother lost his life is revealed – and his pants.

Discussing the circumstances of the big Trevor revelation, cast member Asher Grodman hints: “A relative of Sam and Hetty’s was involved. There’s some party involved. You’ll see what my legs look like when they’re covered. And I can tease that too [guest stars] Rob Huebel, Blair Penner, Robert Bazzocchi, Brian Cook and Julius Cho are great.”

Read on for Grodman’s thoughts on dressing at for the episode’s flashbacks and why he’s relieved to be playing a pantsless character.

TVLINE | When did you first discover the truth about Trevor’s backstory? Did you know about this episode well in advance or did you find out when you got the script?
I didn’t have heads up. I found out when I got the script. Given our schedule, if we shot on a Monday, I’d probably get it the Wednesday before. We’re moving fast. So for probably four or five days I had a heads up as to what it was. I love the fact that of all the things I had in mind, none of them were. I thought that was great. And I really thought that we wouldn’t be able to do that this season. I thought it was a season 2 thing. The mere fact that the episode existed in season 1 was a surprise to me. And Trent O’Donnell, who directed the pilot and then the following four episodes [“Hello!,” “Viking Funeral,” “Dinner Party” and “Pete’s Wife”], he came back to direct here. Trento is amazing. So that was also a wonderful surprise to have him back.

TVLINE | So you’ve been in the dark about Trevor’s backstory for most of the season. How difficult was that? Did you ask the producers for a hint or did you make up your own backstory?
I had a backstory in my head. But there are so many wonderful things happening every moment while you’re shooting a scene. Our storytelling is very present and I have these nine incredible co-stars and the writing is so exciting and the juxtaposition of all those personalities. So the fact that there was a question mark as to what had happened in the past wasn’t an issue. It only made it more exciting when I found out.

TVLINE | What was the craziest theory you’ve heard, either from a viewer or maybe even your castmates, about what happened to Trevor?
Oh god I have to go through the Twitter sphere again and find out what the craziest ones were. Most of them involve drugs, alcohol, sex, felonies and misdemeanors, things like that. So the weirdest things are usually when someone says, “Maybe he just died by himself like he was drinking, and took his pants off?” [Laughs] Just like things that are the simplest things become the most outlandish because every story is like that in order to failed.

ghost spoilersTVLINE | One of the fun things about this episode is that you can actually put clothes back at for the flashbacks.
Yeah I said when you’re not wearing pants it’s amazing how strong pants feel. As I put them on, I thought, “Wow, that feels in order to beautiful!” and you just don’t realize it because you’re half-naked the whole time. But yeah, it’s fun to be a little covered.

And the coolest thing I thought, at this point we’re at 16 episodes and there’s a dynamic between all the ghosts and this group in the house and to see Trevor in a different group dynamic was really exciting. It’s very easy for someone to almost let themselves be defined by the people around them, which in a way this episode is about. Being able to imagine him in a different social circle was pretty trippy, especially after he was so entrenched in his social circle after death.

TVLINE | Did you have any idea what you were getting yourself into when you signed on for this role that you would be pantless all season? Have you started asking the producers for a costume change?
[Laughs] No I have not. I’ve never done comedy before, so at first it was a little comforting to know that I wasn’t going to wear pants because I was like, ‘The people in this cast are so funny and they are so talented. Thank god I don’t have to wear pants because if I miss a joke, at least you can pull to a long shot and I’m still half-naked. So I’ll be fine.” Another thing that’s great is that the guy who would be the first to objectify someone is already objectified because he’s half-naked. It’s a really great and smart choice and makes him a lot more approachable. So I really love that. Well, if you ask me, do I love it in Montreal in January? Uhhh, this is debatable. But it’s just a great device. So smart. And it works on the BBC show too. So I stand by it – although I’m not going to lie, it was wonderful to put pants on for a few scenes.

ghost spoilersTVLINE | How does Trevor’s relationship with the other ghosts and Sam develop out of this episode?
Pardon the pun but he kind of got caught with his pants down because there are things people know about him that he didn’t know about himself, about what happened to him. Trevor isn’t exactly someone who wants to be pitied, but he’s suddenly kind of exposed that way. He now looks back on the things that were most certain to him in life and must question them. And not only that, I feel like he’s getting a lot closer to the group he’s in. I mean, he’s been with these people for 20 years, so they’ve been with him more than most people in his life. But it’s something when you’re in a place of not knowing and realizing that other people know more about you than you do. It’s very humbling and he becomes a deeper part of the group and the group really cares about him , which I have not seen [the episode] but I hope it is very nice.

TVLINE | One of the things we see this season is these little romances that start to develop and we know that Trevor wants that connection as we saw in the episode with Jay’s sister. Do you think there is a possibility of romance for him in the afterlife?
Well, obviously he’s going to end up with Sam. I’m kidding, I’m kidding! [Laughs] I think Trevor would like that. There’s something great about the show that the writers do, is that we balance these things that are really light and succinct and then turn on a dime and have moments that hit the heart. [In “Jay’s Sister”], you see Trevor as one thing and then realize there’s this whole other side and depth to it. And for eternity, there aren’t many choices about who you spend your time with. There is a lot of potential for love stories on our show because A) they have eternity and B) the possibilities are limited, which makes you appreciate even more the people you have in your life or afterlife.

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