Funeral for Highland Park parade victim Kevin McCarthy who died after shielding his young son


Cars filled the funeral home’s parking lot – and poured into neighboring properties along busy Skokie Boulevard on Monday afternoon as somber mourners entered the building.

They were there to say a final goodbye to Kevin McCarthy, a 37-year-old husband and father who died after being shot while protecting his infant son from bullets during the deadly July 4th Parade massacre in Highland Park.

His funeral came less than a week after that of his wife, Irina McCarthy, who also died in the attack.

Kevin McCarthy’s funeral service on Monday drew many supporters to Donnellan Family Funeral Services in the northern suburb of Skokie.

Paula Thompson left the funeral as she told reporters she had worked with the family but didn’t know Irina and Kevin McCarthy personally.

But she knew they were “a strong family” who “supported each other,” she said.

Kevin and Irina McCarthy were two of seven people killed after a gunman opened fire from his pole on a rooftop in downtown Highland Park on July 4. Eduardo Uvaldo, Jacki Sondheim, Katherine Goldstein, Stephen Strauss and Nicolas Toledo Zaragoza were also killed.

Aiden McCarthy, 2 ½ – the son of Irina and Kevin – was protected from gunfire by his father.

“He had Aiden under his body when he was shot,” McCarthy’s father-in-law told the Chicago Sun-Times in the days after the shooting.

Aiden’s parents were “obsessed” with him, Brittany Chism, a close friend, told the Chicago Sun-Times last week. Irina McCarthy’s father, Michael Levberg, made a similar statement.

“They were crazy about their kid,” he told the Sun-Times, his voice cracking.

He inherited parts of his parents at such a young age, said Chism, who had been Irina McCarthy’s best friend since elementary school, adding that he had his mother’s “fun personality.”

Kevin McCarthy worked for a gene therapy startup after earning a finance degree from DePaul University.

After Monday’s service, a small group lingered outside the doors and shared hugs.


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