Free Restaurant Meals for Six Years: Scammer ‘Modus Operandi’


The fraudulent Spaniard is called Antonio Miguel Grimal. At 47, he’s made headlines for his habit of eating out and not paying for what he has been doing this for six years now without paying a single bill. After that he got to know the Zaragoza police very well arrested up to 46 timesaccording to the newspaper Heraldo of Aragon.

How does he do that?

His “modus operandi” is always the same: he orders various tasty dishes, eats as much as he likes, orders the bill and refuses to pay when it comes. If the waiter threatens to report him, Antonio Miguel Grimal waits calmly and patiently for an officer to arrive, completely indifferent. “He’s got a lot of nerves. He knows there is nothing they can do,” said Juanjo Gracia, owner of Bar Espumosos 5M’ de Zaragoza. “The bastard told the waiter to bring him a beer while he waited for the police. IIf he was jailed, it was because he refused to identify himself or for not attending his hearing,” Gracia continued.

After the releases on Heraldo of Aragonthis person was in jail as early as March 13 after being reported by nine different restaurants in a month when he refused to pay the bill for what he had ordered and consumed. “It’s not the usual because of the precedent the Supreme Court removes the aggravating factor of repeat offenses in minor offenses to avoid disproportionate penaltiesCadena Ser reported. According to the same newspaper, in 2017 the prosecutor even sentenced him to three years in prison and a fine of 2,160 euros for eating in a hotel, worth 143.30 euros, which he never paid. However, he ended up with a much lesser fine of less than 270 euros and the obligation to pay off the debt to the institution.

Errors in the legal system

Grimal claims impunity because of a flaw in the legal system. Since he only has non-contributory printing, he can escape all sanctions from the administration. After a swift court case, with an injunction imposed on the betrayed establishment, Grimal continues on his merry way, celebrating his exploits by repeating his “modus operandi” at another nearby bar or restaurant of his choice.


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