Food Truck Friday: A healthy modern fast food concept at Taco Avocat


All tacos have at least an ounce of meat, incredibly filling

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Taco Avocat isn’t your typical Mexican fast food restaurant, according to owner Jacob Cryderman.

Cryderman was a pilot, but for health reasons he decided to focus more on his eating habits. That led to the opening of Taco Avocat, a healthy, modern fast food concept.

The menu consists of high-quality, gluten-free and sugar-free fast food.

Taco Avocat specializes in rolled tacos, chips and dips. There are eight rolled tacos that feature brisket, chicken, pork, and a vegan potato option.

If you’re craving chips, Taco Avocat offers sweet potato, potato, or tortilla.

The restaurant offers these dips to choose from: queso, guacamole and buffalo dip.

Cryderman believes he can also give back to the community by serving several organizations in the Sun City, including teachers, high school sports teams, and members of the military.

Taco Avocat is located at 2114 N. Zaragoza Rd., B-6, El Paso 79938.


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