First institutional meeting in Barcelona to promote the connected car


First institutional meeting in Barcelona to promote the connected car.

The framework project for funding Vehicle connected in Spain is on the move. This Wednesday the first meeting of public institutions interested in participating in the project took place in Barcelona as part of the celebrations for Mobile Word Congress (MWC 2021). The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism sponsored the meeting to bring the strategic project for recovery and transformation economic (LOSS) of Electric and connected vehicle, integrated into the Reconstruction, Transformation and Resilience Plan to receive huge European funding. The meeting that im Consortium for Free Zones from Barcelona, ​​representatives of the Generalitat Catalonia, the Generalitat Valenciana, the Government of Aragon, the Junta de Castilla y León, the Xunta de Galicia, the municipalities of Castellolí, Zaragoza, Valladolid and Vigo, the Diputación de Pontevedra, as as well the consortia of the Vigo Free Trade Area and the Barcelona Free Trade Area. Summit in Barcelona for a project to revitalize the automotive industry of the future, which will be shaped by the electrification and digitization of automobiles.

The design and development of connectivity elements represent a strategic challenge for the entire automotive and mobility industry. With this initiative, Spain wants to ensure a leading role in this transformation. The project aims to improve the Product competitiveness through the digital transformation of organizations, the attraction of the best national and international talent that Development by R + D + i this helps to strengthen the necessary technology leadership and connectivity maturity.

The Director General for Industry and SMEs, Galo Gutiérrez, has “encouraged the participation of public administrations in a project to promote the technological advances in the automotive industry, so that Spanish companies are leading the transition to the autonomous vehicle with the incorporation of the telecommunications industry. For his part, the special delegate of the State in the Consortium of the Barcelona Free Trade Area, Pere Navarro, who hosted this meeting, stressed that “we are working to be a benchmark for innovation” in the commercial and industrial sector. The strategic location of our industrial area and the weight that the automotive sector traditionally has in this industrial area are two elements that drive us to actively participate in this project. ”

In the case of the Barcelona Free Zone, the institution is part of the project that proposes two routes in an industrial, sustainable, intermodal and digital area and puts its infrastructure at the service of this test laboratory. This institutional environment with the presence of both large corporations as well SMEs, will make it possible to examine the need for connected mobility that the industry requires and, in return, perform proofs of concept in a real environment based on use cases that are transferred market.


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