Federal and state funds for the confiscation of assets are making progress



Mayor John Zaragoza. (File photo by Chris Frost)

Oxnard – The Committee on Community Services, Public Safety, Housing and Development approved the state and state property forfeiting funds for the city on Tuesday, November 9th.

THE Action approved a budget of $ 217,000 for the use of federal funds, $ 60,000, and $ 157,000 in state assets allocated to the Oxnard Police Department.

Police finance manager Dalia Campbell introduced the matter to the committee and said the Oxnard Police Department is involved in the process with various outside agencies including Ventura County, the State of California, the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Investigation and prosecution of narcotics offenses.

“The fair distribution means that the net proceeds from the forfeiture will be shared proportionally among the participating agencies,” she said. “These fairly shared resources must be used for law enforcement purposes that complement the appropriated resources of law enforcement agencies. The funds are not intended to replace or replace existing funds. This year’s funds are used to finance several areas, such as B. Training that is not reimbursable by California Peace Officers (POST) standards and training, and the purchase of various items of equipment not covered by the general fund. “

As part of the California Health and Safety Code 11489, she said the state requires that 15 percent of state asset seizure funds be used solely to fund drug abuse programs and gang activity, and show educators wherever possible , Parents, and community organizations.

“The Oxnard Police Department will allocate $ 50,000 to community-based programs to address this issue,” she said. “The department will conduct an application process for the local community-based organizations to participate.”

Mayor John Zaragoza noted that the money will definitely help the police.

“These are funds that have been seized through ill-gotten gains and the seizure of other assets from individuals who exploit others at risk,” he said. “This is used for investigative equipment, tactical security equipment, computer hardware, software, and also for investigation training. It will also be used for training on mounted devices. “

He asked which community-based organizations would benefit from the grant money from the program.

“These organizations have not yet been selected,” said Assistant Chief Denise Shadinger. “There will be information to the public to submit applications for the grants. In the past there were organizations that received money from this deterioration in assets. “



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