Extreme heat will ease this weekend thanks to a bottom over the Atlantic


Next Monday is believed to be the longest weekend of the month due to a public holiday as high temperatures finally give this hot August a break. Starting tomorrow, Saturday, the influx of fresh air from the Atlantic will bring temperatures down and much of the country will enjoy a cooler than normal climate at this time of year.

A clear thermal relief that will be more noticeable in the western part of the peninsula and the northern third, where rain and storms are frequently called, but which will end in the middle of next week, when temperatures are likely to rise again, especially in the middle and the South.

You may see a slight drop in low temperatures this Friday in Madrid, but changes will be visible tomorrow: a weeks-long yellow warning in the region due to the heat will become a yellow warning for rain, severe storms and hail this Saturday.

The thermometer will drop significantly, especially at maximum temperatures that drop to just over 30 °C.

On the other hand, it will not rain much in the commune on Sunday, but the thermometers will be low: hovering around 30 C for the maximum and between 15 and 18 C in the case of the minimum.

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Antonio Cerillo

As explained by the spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (Emet), Rubén del Campo, the drop in temperature is due to the intrusion of “constant pools of fresh air from the Atlantic” into the peninsula, which will not prevent the rise in heat. in the eastern third and on the Balearic Islands.

In fact, this Friday will be a “generally very hot” day with more than 36 or 37 degrees in much of the country and 40 degrees in cities like Logroo, Lleida, Pamplona or Zaragoza, Toledo, Granada or Cordoba in Valencia they will be according to an Emmet speakers reach 38 degrees.

It was also very hot on the Andalusian coast this morning and at 06.00 the thermometer showed 26 degrees in cities on the Andalusian coast such as the capital Málaga as well as in Marbella, Motril (Granada) and Almería.

Tomorrow, for Saturday, a “big drop” in temperatures is expected across much of Spain, allowing thermometers in the center and south to read between 6 and 8 degrees lower than today, Friday, according to Emet.


The temperature will be around 37 degrees in the coastal towns

However, in areas near the Mediterranean and Balearic Islands, temperatures will rise and it is possible that they will not fall below 25 degrees in the morning in many places along the east coast and in the south of the peninsula. For days they will exceed 40 degrees in Alicante, Valencia or on the Balearic Islands.

According to Emmet, in coastal cities such as Málaga, Almería or Palma de Mallorca they will exceed 37 degrees on Saturday, but in Madrid or Toledo they will be around 32, 6 or 7 degrees below the maximum this Friday.

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Antonio Cerillo

In addition, rain and storms are forecast for Saturday over much of the interior, which could intensify in the north-east, especially in the Pyrenees, Catalonia, south of Aragon and north of the Valencian Community.

14 rain showers and showers are expected on Sunday, possibly accompanied by a storm, points in the Bay of Biscay and the northern and eastern thirds of the peninsula, and a sharp drop in temperature in that region to -22 degrees in A Corua – and in the Pyrenees during it will remain warm over the Mediterranean, albeit slightly less than the previous day.


On Monday there will be a slight drop in temperature in Catalonia and Guadalquiviro

In the capital Valencia, still warm nights are expected at dawn on Sunday, during which it may not fall below 26 degrees, and in the early afternoon in Córdoba or Granada they will reach 40 degrees and usually exceed 35 degrees. Third in the Eastern, Southern Peninsula and Balearic Islands.

For Monday 15, a public holiday across Spain, Emet announced “slight drops in temperature”, more pronounced on the Catalan coast and Guadalquivir Valley, while there will be local heavy and light rains and thunderstorms in the north-east of the peninsula. it will rain. Bay of Biscay.

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View of the As Portas reservoir in Villarino de Conso (Ornes), which is 23% full this Tuesday

In the northern third, the daily maximum is between 25 and 28 degrees; 28 to 30 degrees of the northern plateau; 30 to 34° in the Central Zone and 34 to 36° in the Ebro Basin, inland Mediterranean municipalities, in Andalusia and the Balearic Islands.

A new trough on Tuesday 16th will bring local heavy rain and rain and a new slight drop in temperature over the communes of Cantabria and Pyrenees, which will be more noticeable on Wednesday 17th if rain and showers continue in the northern third .

Next Tuesday

The temperature in the Mediterranean will be above 35 degrees

Temperatures will remain 5 to 10 degrees below normal in some parts of the western part of the peninsula.

In the Mediterranean and Balearic Islands, the heat will last with a maximum of over 35 degrees, while in the center and west they usually stay between 25 and 30 degrees and cities like Salamanca or Madrid will hardly reach 26 degrees. ,

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Rain and storms could hit the northern and north-eastern thirds of the peninsula through Thursday, and it’s possible that large areas of the peninsula’s center and south will dip back above 35 degrees, while thermometers in the Mediterranean dip somewhat. But the temperature remains. a sense of embarrassment

In the Canary Islands, trade winds will intensify over the exposed areas and there will be ample cloud cover while the rest remains clear with stable temperatures that may start to rise mid-week.


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