EXCLUSIVE: Ariana Guerra and Ryan Zaragoza discuss the upcoming movie: Madres


Last weekend, Knockturnal sat down with the cast of Madres to discuss their experiences with the upcoming installment in the Welcome to the Blumhouse franchise.

A Mexican-American couple (Ariana Guerra and Tenoch Huerta), expecting their first child, relocate to an immigrant farming community in 1970s California. As the woman begins to experience strange symptoms and horrifying visions, she tries to figure out if it’s a legendary curse or something more nefarious.

While Madres is technically a slow burn, it consistently builds enough tension to keep you on the edge of your seat well before climax. Led by two fantastic performances by Ariana Guerra and Tenoch Huerta, it’s a film that will leave you satisfied not only for the compelling acting, but also for its tight direction and interesting ending.

We were able to sit down with director Ryan Zaragoza to ask him what went into putting together a film like this, as well as some of his favorite horror films that may have had an influence on the film.

We also sat down with leading actress Ariana Guerra to discuss the preparations she’s made to deliver her strong and compelling performance.

Madres will be released on October 8th only on Amazon Prime Video.


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