‘Efecto Pegatina’: Efecto Pasillo and La Pegatina bring the party to their shows


Sad concerts with empty chairs, safety distance, masks and COVID tests already seem to be outdated. There’s nothing better to celebrate than a huge party between musicians and fans together. This is what the euphoric merger of the Spanish bands La Pegatina and Efecto Pasillo achieves.

Both groups recently released the joint song “Ahípami” and then planned a joint tour. That was the atmosphere at their concerts last weekend in Zaragoza and Barcelona, ​​​​​​and it will be repeated on the upcoming dates across Spain. Valencia and Murcia are two of the closest stations. Frenetic rumba, rock and ska rhythms are the musical themes of the concert, shaking your body from the first minute.

In the performances, the two groups play their best songs, which is appreciated by the audience.

“Last weekend the concerts with La Pegatina were a real stunner,” said members of Efecto Pasillo. Her stage partners said: “You could see how eager we all were. We went to sleep very happy. The time together was a shot of energy.”

In the released videos of the concerts, they look like a single band has played together all their lives. The performance in Zaragoza was defined as “the best start to the tour we could have had, thanks a million for the good feeling”.

The formula that shakes the hips of those present will not result in a long-term merger. “Efecto Pegatina” is not permanent, but only for the joint tour.

“It came from the good energy that came out while recording the song, which hit really hard,” they said in an interview Cadena 100 Radio.

They promise participants a boom in fun and partying.

“The idea is that we mix on stage and that our audience, which is basically different, comes together,” they said.

La Pegatina started its career in 2003, at that time still under the name Pegatina Sound System. After the release of their first album Al Carrer! In 2007, their popularity skyrocketed as they performed at countless popular festivals. They mix languages ​​like Catalan, Spanish and Galician and include collaborations with Txarango, Manu Chao and Che Sudaka.

Their music spread throughout Europe and Latin America despite not being part of the mainstream music industry. her latest album Darle la Vuelta (2020) was the group’s seventh album. Before the pandemic, they performed in Argentina, Mexico and Ecuador.

Efecto Pasillo was founded in 2007 on the island of Gran Canaria. They debuted in 2010 with the song “Chacho”. Their music style combines different sounds like rock, pop, funk and latin music.

Though each band has their own legion of fans, now is the time to enjoy them together as Efecto Pegatina.


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