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One of the newest sitcoms from CBS, ghosts, features a cast full of spectral characters, each from a specific time period and with their own unique backstory and death. Although each of the eight ghosts has a completely different perspective due to their different experiences throughout the story, they still form a family of sorts, which is one of the show’s greatest charms. After all, being with the same people forever leaves plenty of time to get to know each other.

ghostsan adaptation of the BBC show of the same name, starring Utkarsh Ambudkar and Rose McIver (who played Liv Moore for five seasons iZombie) as Jay and Sam, a young couple who inherit a mansion in upstate New York. However, to her surprise, the house is also home to several ghostly residents that Sam is able to see after a near-death experience. These are Thorfinn (Devan Long), Sasappis (Román Zaragoza), Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones), Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky), Alberta (Danielle Pinnock), Flower (Sheila Carrasco), Pete (Richie Moriarty) and Trevor (Asher Grodman) . ).


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Though other ghosts appear on the show, like the ones in the basement”cholera pit,” the British soldiers from the shed outside, and even Hetty’s nefarious husband Elias, the main eight being the best elaborated. As in the BBC version, they’re a diverse bunch, but with a different range of characteristics and stories given their location in the Hudson Valley. Here’s a guide to each of them ghosts Main phantoms, including the time they are from and how they died.

Thor finn

Thorfinn from the CBS sitcom Ghosts

Unlike Marvel’s Thor from the MCU, with whom he shares a name, Thorfinn is not a god, although he does have some pseudo-Lightning powers. The oldest spirit on the show, Thorfinn, is a Viking who traveled to North America but was accidentally left behind by his countrymen. The actual historical journey of the Vikings took place around 1000 years ago, which means Thorfinn has been dead since around the 1020s. He died on the land that would one day house Sam and Jay’s home after being struck by lightning, which grants him the ghostly ability to flicker lights. Thorfinn is a Viking through and through and would probably love to accompany his namesake Thor, the god of thunder, into battle.


Sasappis from the CBS sitcom Ghosts

Sasappis is about 500 years younger than Thorfinn and died in the 1520s. He is a Lenape man, a member of an indigenous group from the Hudson Valley of New York and parts of what is now Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Unlike most other ghosts in ghosts, Sasappis is yet to reveal how he died, but one of his favorite things to do is remind everyone else how they met their end, which he was mostly there to do. However, while the details of his death are unknown, it will be revealed ghosts Episode 7 that a woman Sass loved in life, Shiki, is also a ghost and he is trying to get in touch with her. Sasappis is also a big fan of television and often asks Sam and Jay to cook junk food for him to smell.


Isaac from the CBS sitcom Ghosts

Isaac Higgentoot, a Revolutionary War captain who knew real-life figures like Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, sadly died of dysentery before he could leave any lasting historical mark of his own. Isaac was killed by the disease sometime between 1775 and 1783 when the American Revolutionary War was taking place and now has the spirit power to make people smell sewage every time they walk through him. Despite these circumstances, however, Isaac always retains his pride, which is shown when he has to deal with the Redcoats who also died on the property at the time, including British officer Nigel, whom Isaac obviously has a crush on, despite accidentally shooting him .

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Sam and Jay’s home, Woodstone Manor, was built by a family of robber barons in the late 19th century and it is of that lineage and time that Hetty comes. But even though she fits into HBO’s timeline The Gilded AgeHetty has begun to let go of her antiquated notions and bigotry ghosts continues. As with Sasappis, Hetty’s death remains a mystery, but given the corruption she engaged in during her life and the vile nature of her husband Elias, she certainly had no shortage of enemies who might have wished to brush her off. As for ghost powers, Hetty hasn’t shown any unique abilities yet, but manages to possess Jay in episode 10, which all ghosts seem capable of.


Alberta, a 1920s jazz singer, finally confirms her suspicions ghosts Episode 9 that she was poisoned by her good-for-nothing smuggler friend. But while Alberta has an unfortunate Great Gatsby-style death, she also embodies much of what made the 20’s roar. From her tasseled flapper attire to her lively vocabulary, and from her confident singing voice to her fiery passion for women’s rights, Alberta is one of them ghosts‘ the most engaging and fun characters. Appropriately, her special ghostly ability is that she can be heard humming by the living if she so chooses. And though Alberta is constantly reminiscing about all the low-lives and two-timers she’s dated, she might have a love arc with Pete in store later.


As her name suggests, Flower is a 1960s hippie who was killed by a bear on Woodstone’s property after leaving a nearby music festival. If she looks familiar to some viewers, that’s because Sheila Carraso, who plays her, has had brief appearances on other shows such as: The good place and Jane the maiden. Flower’s ghost power, of course, is that people who walk through her get high for about an hour, and she herself is often forgetful and chasing butterflies. But Flower also has an interesting depth to her character, as she has been involved in several cults and cult-like organizations in her life, even helping one such group rob a bank.


Pete from the CBS sitcom Ghosts

Of all the characters of the same name in ghosts, Pete’s death is the most obvious. Pete was shot in the neck in 1985 by one of the scouts of the squad he was leading and died prematurely in 1985. He still has the arrow in his neck to prove it. Despite the tragedy of his death and later exposure in ghosts Episode 6 that his wife cheated on him while he was alive, Pete’s Always a Chipper, a near-impact copy of Edward Norton’s likable character, Scout Master Ward Moonrise Kingdom. And while he doesn’t possess a unique ghostly ability, Pete’s affinity for compromise and team building makes him a crucial member of the de facto ghost family, and could earn him a shot at romance with Alberta later on.

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Trevor from the CBS sitcom Ghosts

Finally, there’s Trevor, the youngest of the ghosts, whose special power is to touch or move (with great effort) solid objects. A spoiled yuppie party boy who died in the late 1990s, Trevor is all about popularity and attractive women. While it’s still unclear how he died, the mystery likely lies in his lavish lifestyle and the fact that he’s never worn pants. It’s possible that Trevor, like his BBC colleague, became involved in some sort of sex scandal and died as a result. But while in many ways Trevor looks like he could have one Wolf of Wall Street Cameo, he’s also had some character growth ghosts‘ first season and just like everyone else is a hilarious addition to the group.

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