Drug trafficking ring Supplying Europe busted in Zaragoza


Drug trafficking ring Supplying Europe busted in Zaragoza. Photo credit: Guardia Civil/Twitter.

TEN people have been arrested in Zaragoza for drug trafficking, money laundering and belonging to a criminal organization.

Civil Guard officials have seized more than a ton and a half of hashish and up to 92 kilos of marijuana.

The gang “transported the drug to various European countries in double-bottomed trucks” to hide their goods.

Members of this network adhered to “strong security measures” with each transport, GC officials say.

Some trips were “conducted with very thoughtful logistics on each of the routes” using “legal transport companies, in whose trucks they introduced the narcotic in pallets, hidden between the legal goods or in false floors”.

The alleged head of the drug trafficking network – based in Zaragoza – created a network of transport and real estate companies to try to provide the necessary infrastructure.

For this, it had rental services for various vehicles and hotel accommodation. These companies are also “a means of money laundering”.

Operation Lorenmau ended in April with the seizure of 1,560 kilos of hashish and 92 kilos of marijuana.

During the investigation, officials from the judicial police of the Civil Guard in Zaragoza and civil security officers from the Civil Guard post in Angüés (Huesca) found 560 kilos of hashish in a truck bound for Italy.

The inspection took place on the N-240 in the municipality of Siétamo.

Following these arrests, Zaragoza’s EDOA specialists located a warehouse “used as a drugstore” in an industrial area in La Cartuja.

Agents allegedly found a total of five containers of hashish and marijuana, some with diesel-impregnated boxes to confuse the sniffer dogs.

It is said to have contained a total of 30 bundles of hashish divided into tablets weighing one tonne and 92kg of marijuana contained in 74 heat-sealed plastic bags.

During the searches of the homes and vehicles of the detainees, the agents reportedly intervened with more than ten thousand euros, seven vehicles, indoor marijuana cultivation with 336 plants and seven complete planters with 100 cannabis sativa plants each.

The investigation is still open, further arrests not excluded.

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