Drax uses UK suppliers for 80% of the BECCS project


Drax said it aims to source 80% of the building materials and services required to deliver its bioenergy with carbon capture and storage technology (BECCS) from the UK supply chain.

The ambition includes all of the building materials needed to develop the billion pound project, such as steel, pipes, heat pumps, electrics and insulation, as well as the supporting services needed to carry out such a large project.

In doing so, Drax’s BECCS project has the potential to deliver hundreds of millions of pounds worth of contracts for UK businesses. In addition, as part of the East Coast Cluster, the project will protect and create over 10,000 jobs in the Humber region and decarbonise one of the most carbon-intensive regions in the country.

“BECCS will play a critical role in enabling the UK to meet its legally binding net-zero target while saving the energy system billions of pounds,” said Will Gardiner, CEO of Drax Group.

“Our goal is to put the UK supply chain at the heart of the delivery of this critical climate-friendly technology. In this way we will create and protect thousands of jobs, stimulate new industries and help improve the UK. “

The announcement comes as Drax launches the first in a series of national supplier events. Run in partnership with West & North Yorkshire and Hull & Humber Chambers of Commerce, the series of events will allow new and potential suppliers to learn more about the BECCS project and how they can be involved in providing this negative emissions technology.

Work to build BECCS in Drax could begin as early as 2024, with the first unit going into operation in 2027 and a second in 2030.


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