DIY Frame TV – A frugal mother makes black and gold TVs


Trying to marginalize our best TV is an ongoing struggle. We all have one, and we all need one to watch Netflix – but they certainly aren’t pretty.

A creative handyman has made her own framed TV with carefully measured wood paneling and free TV art. It does a brilliant job of taking the focus off the large black box and blends in perfectly with your living space.

Mariah shared exactly how she completed the budget DIY project that saved her hundreds of dollars.

Frame television and television with black and white family photos

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“We see our living room all day, every day,” Mariah tells us. “It’s the common room and people see it when they first walk into our house.”

Like most of us, she says she’d love a Samsung Frame TV but didn’t want to spend more than $ 1,000. So she decided to build it herself.

“I went to Lowes, bought some trim, and got to work,” she says. “I now have my own DIY frame TV for only $ 20-25.” You can find more ways to make a good first impression in our roundup of hallway ideas.

DIY fan making a frame television

(Photo credit: @rustichomestead)

Mariah started measuring her TV and cutting trim to fit. Then she attached the frame pieces with glue before attaching a piece of wood to the back that sits around the back of the TV.

This will help him sit on top of the TV and keep him from moving. Mariah also put an elastic band on each corner to better secure the frame to the TV.

It was important to carefully secure it to prevent it from being pushed off, especially if there are young children around.

“After I had completely assembled the frame, I painted it back and added a gold line around it to get additional details,” Mariah tells us. “The only thing missing was the art! I found a great YouTube channel that has free TV art.

Living room with DIY frame TV, wooden TV and family photos

(Photo credit: @rustichomestead)

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If you’re feeling inspired, check out our list of DIY projects great for beginners – and they are budget friendly. You can also check out Mariah’s full tutorial with an how-to video on her Instagram @rusticrosehomestead.

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