David de Gea, an underrated goalkeeper in Spain since leaving Atleti


David de Gea He is a poorly viewed goalkeeper in Spain. He talks about being treated unfairly by the press and underestimated. He says Premier League games cannot be seen here and he is therefore being judged for what he has done with the national team. Contempt for the many criticisms he received for his performance at the 2016 European Championships in France and the 2018 World Cup in Russia. On the first date he had to endure the farewell boxing on the bench and in the second he failed on the debut against Portugal and on penalties against the hosts who sent us home. Nobody stopped.

The Toledo native returns to Madrid eleven years after his departure compete against Atlético in the round of 16 of the Champions League. The UEFA draw chaos initially led to a confrontation between Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United. With rectification came morbidity. Balls faced Atleti with United. De Gea will play against the side he was coached at, he was a youth squad and came out amid rumors he’d gone to England for money.

David de Gea after a save in a Manchester United game

The sale of de Gea to Manchester United was controversial. It was unclear whether the club sold him out of economic hardship or the goalkeeper negotiated a salary with Manchester United that he could never have earned had he stayed in Madrid. These suspicions his parting was cold and do not have the affection of the rojiblancos fans. “Manchester United is a perfect club to continue training as a player and as a person. I’m proud to have been part of Atlético who will always be great, but United are one of the best in the world and it’s a step forward in my career.” You have not convinced. De Gea, along with his family, had been invited by the English club and the manager (Alex Ferguson) knew how to convince him with a stronger financial and sporting project.

A youth squad criticized

In 2011 the Sporty He went through a difficult time and De Gea was criticized for abandoning ship. The rojiblanco club couldn’t match the Englishman’s offer and the operation was completed at 20 million euros plus another 4 in variables. David de Gea wore in the quarry since the age of 13, made his first-team debut aged 18 in a Champions League game against Porto. Later he did it in La Liga, with Vicente Calderón, against Zaragoza. He saved a penalty. The one who was set to be Atleti’s goalkeeper for many years left the club amid rumors he was scared.

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Ulises Sanchez-Flor

Eleven years later, with 473 games for Manchester United and aged 31, David de Gea returns to play for the Metropolitano. All this time contacts were made to see if an agreement could be reached with it I was an Atletico goalkeeper again. The intentions did not materialize. The rojiblanco club could no longer compete with other offers and accept his high salary. Real Madrid were about to sign him, he let himself be loved, the operation didn’t work out because the fax failed and the Atleti fans didn’t forgive him.

He has no loyal followers among Atlético de Madrid supporters, nor do fans of the Spanish national team join David. The opposite happens in Englandwhere you want respect and is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world. He had difficult moments at Manchester United but he felt it support, the club’s confidence and performance in general are at a very high level. In England, they do not believe that De Gea is not the national team’s starting goalkeeper, preferring Luis Enrique Unai Simón.

David de Gea suffered one of his toughest moments last season Man Utd. He lost the Solskjaer starting job on the bench and the arrival of Dean Henderson. He was relegated to the Europa League and was the negative protagonist in the penalty shoot-out in the final against Villarreal. After exhausting the entire string of player throws, he lost heads-up with Gero Rulli. The Villarreal goalkeeper found his and De Gea missed. In Spain he was again marked and ridiculed. Penalties were lucky in England.

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Ulises Sanchez-Flor

This is the path and scenario of an Atletico youth team who reunite with their former team eleven years later and no longer have a shared heart. He is Grateful to England and Manchester United for everything they have given him, and with these sincere words he expresses himself on the UEFA website: “Atleti gave me the opportunity to be who I am today, but this is just another game. Your home is where you are loved and welcomed. To be honest, I don’t see myself outside of Manchester United.”

A fortune of 52 million euros

To be touched, because that is clear in Spain they look at it with a magnifying glassHe’s back on his feet and is still a big thing in England. De Gea has turned his situation around at United and regained possession this season, has games where he is crucial, the savior and won the Premier League’s Best Player award in January. It has not been won by a goalkeeper since 1996. we see the best version of a safe goalkeeper, agile, mature and confident, with decisive interventions and statistics that put him at the top. He is the goalkeeper who makes the most stops in the Premier League (96 in 26 games).

David’s happy life takes place in England and not in Spain. There he became a respected footballer and also a millionaire. As the British newspaper “The Sunday Times” published in May last year, his estate amounts to 52 million euros. David is the highest paid Spanish footballer in the world with a salary of €22.5m. Most recently, he came to Madrid to open the headquarters of his new company. David de Gea gets into the eSports business and creates his own club, Rebels Gaming, just like other footballers like Piqué, Courtois and Casemiro have done.


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