CSN President Zaragoza appointed to the AACC Workforce Commission


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The American Association of Community Colleges is the largest advocacy group of its kind

Dr. Zaragoza

The American Association of Community Colleges has appointed the President of the College of Southern Nevada, Dr. Federico Zaragoza, appointed co-chair of the influential Commission on Economic and Workforce Development of the association. Zaragoza was appointed to the AACC Board of Directors in July.

The Economic and Human Resources Development Commission works to fill skill gaps by giving professional and technical education a strong focus on preparing students for the knowledge and skills required for current and future jobs in regional and global economies. It aims to showcase cutting-edge labor and economic development innovations with proven results that improve academic achievement while providing affordable, high quality technical assistance in areas that support academic achievement.

Named the ninth and first Latino President of the College of Southern Nevada in 2018, Dr. Zaragoza was previously Dean of Continuing Education at Milwaukee Area Technical College in Wisconsin and Vice Chancellor of Business and Human Resources Development at Alamo Colleges in Texas.

Zaragoza’s three-year term on the AACC Board runs until June 30, 2024.

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