Cañon City man, former resident arrested in Avondale ATM theft – Canon City Daily Record


A criminal case charged as the Colorado Organized Crime Act for Colorado involves a Cañon City man and one who used to live in the area.

The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office announced Wednesday that four men were identified and arrested in the September robbery of the ATM from the Loaf ‘N Jug in Avondale, following a comprehensive investigation by its office in cooperation with law enforcement agencies from surrounding counties.

Fremont County Sheriff’s Office: Man arrested in Penrose on suspicion of attempted ATM theft in Colorado Springs

Those arrested are Anthony Higgins, 27, of Cañon City, Roger Zaragoza, 42, of Fountain – formerly of Fremont County, Jason Spade, 40, of Colorado Springs, and Steven Garner, 35, who is homeless but not listed in Denver .

“The investigation determined that the suspects were involved in similar crimes in Fremont, El Paso and Denver counties,” the PCSO announced on its Facebook page on Wednesday. “The investigation covered El Paso, Fremont and Denver counties. El Paso County takes the lead in the case and faces charges as the Colorado Organized Crime Act for Colorado (COCA) due to multiple agencies involved. Great police work and cooperation from everyone involved.”

Higgins, 27, was arrested Sept. 23 by a special agent and members of the Colorado Springs Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives field office and members of the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office at 1259 S St. in Penrose. The Colorado Springs Police Department suspected that Higgins was part of an emerging burglary pattern in August that saw suspects use a vehicle to ram and break into store doors. The suspects stole or attempted to steal ATMs and other valuable items. Other suspects arrested in this case at different locations and on different dates on suspicion of burglary, criminal mischief and theft were Zaragoza, Spade and Garner.

Higgins was spotted earlier in the day at 2705 Fremont Drive in Cañon City, but he collided with an ATF vehicle and damaged a second while attempting to flee, according to a probable cause statement. He fled the scene and was later arrested in Penrose on suspicion of burglary, criminal mischief, theft, trespassing, vehicle getaway and on warrants including possession of burglary tools, trespassing with intent to commit a crime, reckless driving, reckless endangerment . Failure to stop at a stop sign, vehicle evasive maneuvers and check fraud.


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