Brahim Ghali plans to flee Spain after his recovery, says Polisario, the second in command



Polisario’s deputy Salem Lesbir shamelessly said that separatist leader Brahim Ghali, who secretly entered Spain for medical care in April after testing positive for COVID-19, is fleeing the European country and not responding to the subpoena from the Spanish judiciary would.

Lesbir made the reveal in an interview with Alejandro Entrambasaguas, an investigative journalist who works for the Spanish newspaper Okdiario.

According to Okdiario, the No. 2 Polisario said that Ghali wants to flee and that in 10 days, if he recovers, he will leave Spain without going to the judge.

This umpteenth provocation comes when Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya announced on Sunday that Brahim Ghali must be tried on charges against him before leaving Spain.

Spain had let in the Polisario leader under a fake identity with an Algerian passport named Mohamed Ben Battouch, a move that sparked a major diplomatic and political crisis with Morocco as the separatist movement is waging war with the US against the North African kingdom financial, diplomatic and logistical support to Algeria.

As if that weren’t enough, Salem Lesbir flew to Spain and visited Brahim Ghali, who is hospitalized in Logroño (Zaragoza), undisturbed.

Once again, Spain appears to be challenging Morocco by allowing a senior member of the Polisario militia to invade its territory amid the storm under a “deceptive humanitarian alibi”, a move that threatens to exacerbate tensions between Rabat and Madrid.

Madrid’s ruthless behavior confirms, to put it mildly, the position of Morocco, which, through the voice of its foreign minister, denounced from the beginning the entry of Brahim Ghali into Spain with forged documents and under an usurped identity, without even informing the kingdom while that person is becoming Persecuted by the Spanish judiciary in cases of rape of a Spanish citizen, torture, kidnapping and terrorism, in particular by a Canarian Association of Victims of Terrorism, and by one of its victims, Fadel Breika, who sued him for torture and kidnapping.

The Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita warned Europe in interviews on Sunday with the broadcaster LCI and Radio Europe 1 of the maneuvers in Madrid, which are trying to Europeanise a strictly bilateral crisis through the migration issue.

The Moroccan official insisted that the “humanitarian reasons” cited by Madrid did not mean maneuvering behind a partner’s back. “Humanitarian aid for a neighboring country does not mean changing your passport and bringing a person into the European area. Humanitarianism does not mean forgetting the rights of Spanish victims and disabling the Spanish judiciary. That is the root of the problem. “



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