Bolaños purged the mayor, who denounced corruption, and lined up another accused for 1.6 million


The PSOE candidate, envisaged by the party apparatus and Félix Bolaños, current Minister of the Presidency, to replace the disobedient PSOE mayor in the presidency of the Cariñena region and whose case was reported by OKDIARIO, is being dismissed because of a gap of 1.6 million Euros denounced by the Municipal Development Company of Aguarón, a small town in Zaragoza.

Lucio Cucalón, the PSOE’s official candidate to try to stop José Luis Ansón’s complaints, current president of the Cariñena region, was mayor of his city of Aguarón and president of the Municipal Development Company of Aguarón. According to the lawsuit filed by the current mayor of the city, a gap of around 1.6 million euros arose during his tenure as mayor. Juan Carlos Bernal of the People’s Party (PP), who is already studying the Zaragoza criminal police.

The complaint against this was lodged with the Zaragoza Judicial Police on December 14, 2021 Lucio Cucalón, former President of the company, and José Luis Murcia, former secretary of the same parish society. Cucalón is the current Socialist spokesman for the opposition. They are accused of “falsity in a commercial document” as they dated a stock item of 1,125,740.13 euros in the 2019 annual accounts, “when the stock of the company, when only ownership of a plot of land is known, the value of which is estimated at 25,000 euros not achieved, which means that there is a difference of at least EUR 1,100,740.13 between reality and the annual accounts». Legal sources explain to OKDIARIO that the complaint was filed with the Criminal Investigation Department so that “they are the ones who submit the report to the regional court because it carries more weight than a private investigation.”

Filed a complaint with the criminal police.

The Aragonese PSOE intends to put Lucio Cucalón in charge of the Cariñena region to replace José Luis Ansón who, as reported by OKDIARIO, has been expelled from the PSOE Felix Bolanosthe current minister of the presidency after refusing to withdraw the complaints filed against the region’s previous president, Socialist regional MP Sergio Ortiz. Cucalón was president of the region for two terms between 2007 and 2015.

The new problem is this Cucalón, candidate of the PSOE and Bolaños, is denounced because of his management at the head of the Aguarón Development Society, where he was mayor for 32 years, from 1987 to 2019, when the PP-Chunta Aragonesista (Cha) coalition sent him into opposition.

This municipal corporation was incorporated in December 2007 with the intention of buying and developing an industrial area on a piece of land on the outskirts of the city to build a “dry port” between Zaragoza and Madrid and even Zaragoza and Valencia since the geographical location of Aguarón makes it to a strategic place on the roads that connect Zaragoza and these two cities. The company, which is 100 percent municipally owned, applied for three loans from as many banking institutions, two for 550,000 euros and another for 600,000 euros, i.e. 1,700,000 euros, a few years later another 175,000 were requested from another bank. According to the commercial register, the company had assets of EUR 2,039,609 in 2009. But the economic crisis and lack of resources left the project unfinished and the company remained dormant but not dissolved. Over time, the banks raided the municipal company, demanding loans and assets worth 508,565 euros were auctioned off, according to the same registry.

In the 2019 municipal elections in Aguarón, three councilors from the PP, three from the PSOE and one from the Chunta Aragonesista (Cha) agreed with the PP to split municipal government during the four-year legislature. In August 2021, the PP candidate took over the city council, as it was determined that the municipality could not receive official subsidies until the Aguarón Development Society submitted all of its accounts to the Aragón Chamber of Accounts. “In May 2021 they presented the accounts for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, but without the accounts for 2020 we do nothing, we cannot receive subsidies,” the current mayor of the municipality, Juan Carlos Bernal, explains to OKDIARIO.

But still, These accounts revealed information that caused the complaint now being filed, and it is the gap of EUR 1,125,740.13 which the complainants put at EUR 1.6 million including default interest. “I have explained at length that the complaint is not for revenge on anyone, but because when I was sworn in as mayor, I did so in accordance with the law and I have a duty to enforce it, and that guilt is ours.” not looking around for it to be investigated and the responsibilities to be clarified,’ explains Bernal, who is director of this development company, ‘like the other councilors who were told it was compulsory to be councillors. Later we found out that every neighbor of the people could be.

The economic hole for Aguarón is important now because, with only 700 inhabitants, they have an annual municipal budget of 700,000 euros, 1,000 euros per inhabitant, while their debt is around 2,500 euros per person. “Despite the fact that when we arrived we paid the 175,000 euros that they requested in the last loan, although they did not appear in these financial statements, we preferred to pay than to continue accumulating interest on the debt,” adds the current mayor Added Bernal.


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