Body parts in plastic bags likely from missing women


EL PASO, Texas (border report) – Relatives of two missing Juarez women launched a frantic social media flash on Sunday in an attempt to track down loved ones. The photos shared on social media show photos of young, smiling women taking selfies.

On Monday, police announced that they may have found her remains in plastic bags that were left on a street in the Salvacar district of Juarez.

According to the Desaparecidos de Ciudad Juarez website, Dolores Guadalupe Sosa and Leslie Vanessa Teniente got off an Uber near a supermarket in the Zaragoza-Morelos district on Sunday. The two are said to have been kidnapped a short time later.

The contribution of the group, whose name translates as The Disappeared of Juarez, has been shared more than 500 times.

On Monday morning, police were called to a nearby neighborhood to investigate the remains that residents found in bags outside a seemingly random house. Police told reporters that the bags contained chopped up body parts of women.

Wendy Chavez, the commander of the Chihuahua State Criminal Investigation Department, told reporters a preliminary investigation shows the remains are likely those of the missing women.

The group that led the online search for Sosa and Teniente on Sunday a day later also posted links to news about body parts found.

According to the state police, 122 women have been murdered in Juarez so far in 2021, eight of them this month.


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