Audi off-road hybrid completes endurance test before the Dakar Rally


Audi is working hard to prepare for the RS Q E-Tron for the Dakar Rally 2022 in the hope that it will be the first electrified vehicle to win the grueling competition. In fact, the vehicle only has accomplished an eight-day long-term test near the Spanish city of Zaragoza. The Volkswagen subsidiary tested the off-road SUV on unpaved ground back in July. But it was the first time it put the car through its paces in the real conditions it will face during one of the toughest rallies in the world.

Three teams of two drivers each attended the event, sharing the eight days and 1,056 miles of intense testing. The RS Q E-Tron reached a speed of 180 km / h on the up to 11 miles long gravel roads. Drivers admitted that there was still some fine-tuning to be done, but were impressed with the vehicle’s performance. Audi development engineer Arnau Niubó Bosch explained that the test was “designed to achieve as much driving pleasure as possible and to identify weak points”. At the next test of the SUV in September, Audi will go into the dunes for the first time.

Like us before mentioned, the RS Q E-Tron has an electric drive with two modified Formula E motors. It has an energy converter with a TFSI engine to charge its battery while driving and braking, because charging stations cannot be found in the middle of a rally. That said, it’s not a zero-emissions vehicle, even though Audi says the converter is energy efficient.


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