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The historic town of Goliad, TX is home to personal injury attorney R. Reagan Sahadi and his wife, Dr. Mary Margaret Ara found active and enthusiastic supporters. Long associated with the Goliad community, the Corpus Christi couple have continually donated time, fortune and opportunity to the small town founded in 1836.

Sahadi and Ara’s interest in Goliad stems from Ara’s upbringing in the area; Her family has lived in Goliad for generations. Sahadi Legal Group plans to open a permanent office in Goliad and Dr. Ara plans to open an office for her medical practice in downtown Goliad.

But even before they made Goliad their livelihoods, Reagan and Mary invested heavily in the city and focused their efforts on the Main Street neighborhood. They recently bought the First National Bank building and donated it to the city with hopes it will become the new City Hall. Earlier this year, they donated the funds to rehabilitate the World War II memorial on the courthouse grounds. Other buildings the couple bought and refurbished now house a bar and restaurant, enlivening the town centre. In addition, Sahadi Legal Group sponsors several charities in Goliad, including The Little Miss Goliad Pageant and the Ignacio Zaragoza Society, a Hispanic scholarship fund.

On April 22, 2022, at the Goliad Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center Awards Banquet, Reagan and Mary received two awards including the Economic Development Ally of the Year Award presented by the Mayor and City Council and the Anice Read Memorial Award. Awarded in recognition of continued support for the vision of the Goliad Main Street program.

“This family has shown interest and support for the Goliad community by purchasing and investing in land to provide more space for the community. We were grateful enough to receive the First National Bank Building from them; They also converted one of the rooms on their property on Commercial Street into a working kitchen and restaurant – and now we have Deborah’s Kitchen downtown,” said Brenda Moses, Mayor of Goliad.

Although not from Goliad himself, R. Reagan Sahadi grew up in South Texas and came from a family of entrepreneurs. In 2005, he returned to Corpus Christi and began his law practice as a personal injury attorney representing clients in wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases. Sahadi has recovered millions of dollars in judgments and settlements on behalf of his clients. He was recently named to the 2021 Texas Super Lawyers list for the third straight year. After visiting Goliad with his wife 11 years ago, he fell in love with the area.

“This family is the perfect match for downtown Goliad. You see the value in the Main Street neighborhood,” said Kelli Miller, Main Street board director. “They are always great sponsors and supporters of our Main Street events, projects and the entire Goliad community. They take great pride in their property and have built the most decorated building in the district for the past two years! We’re proud to have supporters like them in our community and can’t wait to see what they come up with next.”

Sahadi and Ara have pledged to continue their support of the Goliad community.

“We love the Goliad community and the surrounding area, and to the extent that we can, we will always help that community,” said R. Reagan Sahadi.

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