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Identity cards, notebooks with names, women’s clothes, makeup and even footage were found during a search of the alleged serial feminicide home in the community of Atizapán, Mexico.

STATE OF MEXICO, May 19, 2021 (ADN 40) .- Agents of the State Attorney General of Mexico (FGJEM) managed to arrest a man identified as Andrés “N”, 72 years old, and an alleged suspect should be serial feminicide in the community Atizapán de Zaragoza

Andrés “N” is under investigation because of his likely involvement in the 34-year-old Reyna “N” -Femmord, apparently his sentimental partner, who was reported missing and for whom an Odyssey alert was issued.

The remains of this victim were found dismembered during a search in the basement of the house of Andrés “N” in the Lomas de San Miguel district of the Atizapan de Zaragoza municipality, Estado de México.

In addition, skeletal remains derived from field research, certificates and women’s clothing, shoes and bags as well as other information such as notebooks with multiple names, make-up and video cassettes could be found at this point.

Alejandro Gómez Sánchez @FiscalEdomex May 18 2021

#FGJEMIinforma | # FiscalíaEdoméx agents have issued an arrest warrant against Andrés “N”, 72, who is under investigation for alleged involvement in the femicide of a 34-year-old woman in # Atizapán.

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The victim’s remains were found during a search in the home of Andrés “N” in Col. Lomas de San Miguel.
It was also possible to find skeletal remains, voter cards, women’s clothing, shoes and purses, and other evidence.

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The search was led by FGJEM personnel and agents from the General Expert Services Coordination, along with the Investigative Police and Public Ministry of the Femicide Prosecutor’s Office, as well as fire fighters and K-9 units from the Mexico State City Police.

The victim’s remains and skeletal remains that were found buried in one of the rooms in his apartment were transferred to the prosecutor’s office, where they will be subjected to various expert tests in order to be identified.

Based on these facts, the FGJEM applied to a judge for an arrest warrant against the main suspect, which was executed, which is why this person was sent to Tlalnepantla Prison and Social Reintegration Center, where they will remain until their legal situation is clarified.

The State Prosecutor of Mexico noted that given the nature of the evidence and finds at that location, the possibility of finding the remains of other victims in this man’s home is not excluded.

He also indicated that the on-site procedure will continue to look for other signs and possible remains as several areas of the house remain to be analyzed.

Andrés “N” murdered and cut up his sentimental partner in Atizapán, Edomex

According to initial police reports, Reyna entered Andrés’ house at around 12 noon last Friday, May 14th, is located in the above parish.

@FiscaliaEdomex found at least twenty videotapes with recordings of the murders of Andrés Mendoza in his house at @GobAtizapan. They found divided women’s bodies, skulls, hair and cutting tools.

After staying in the building with Andrés for a while, the woman told him that she no longer wanted to have anything to do with him, so he started attacking her with a knife, which inflicted several wounds on her chest.

After stealing her life, the person began to cut up his victim’s body with a machete and knife to later put it in plastic bags and discard the remains.

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