Athens wants to become a destination for film-induced tourism


Athens wants to attract film enthusiasts and boost tourism

It becomes a destination for film-induced tourism

On June 14th, the city of Athens signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Tourism to promote the Greek capital as a film destination. With this memorandum, the two parties have outlined a series of joint measures that will be implemented together with the Athens Film Office (AFO) to strengthen film-induced tourism.

Since AFO was founded in March 2020, it has attracted over 40 audiovisual productions. More importantly, it has stimulated the Athenian economy by accumulating large amounts of capital. The Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis said: “With international productions, the Athens Film Office has become the city’s communication channel and, in a very difficult time, has opened up another way of promoting and stimulating the market.”

Turn Athens into a film destination

With the cooperation agreement, the City of Athens and the Ministry of Tourism have agreed to work towards the development of the capital as a film destination. Particular attention is paid to educational programs for audiovisual professionals and the promotion of travel that enable producers and international film studios to familiarize themselves with the city. With this, the capital wants to prove its qualities and attract international producers.

Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis discussed the benefits of the new agreement, noting: “With the cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Tourism and the City of Athens, we are strengthening and consolidating the scope of action of the Athens Film Office on a solid institutional basis. Together with the city administration of Athens we are implementing the great vision to promote Athens and thus all of Greece in a modern and effective way. “

The capital’s presence in major international film productions is intended to strengthen its competitive position as a travel destination. In addition, it will strengthen the domestic film industry and lead to significant economic growth.


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