As part of the CrAFt Cities Club, Zaragoza goes one step further in climate protection


As part of the CrAFt Cities Club, Zaragoza goes one step further in climate protection

This initiative seeks to integrate the values ​​of the New European Bauhaus into the European Commission’s 100 Cities Mission

Zaragoza’s path to transition into a climate neutral city must be accompanied by principles of beauty and inclusivity. That’s the main takeaway from last month’s news that the Spanish city has been chosen to join CrAFt Cities initiative (Creating Actionable Futures).

This project, funded by the European Commission, aims to promote the values ​​of New European Bauhaus – beautiful, sustainable, together – as an inseparable part of the climate-neutral transformation of European cities. More precisely, Zaragoza was chosen thanks to his Zaragoza Florec Flower festival and the initiative to restore the banks of the local river Huerva.

To do this, 60 of the 100 climate neutral and smart cities were selected to jointly develop additional initiatives and experiments to show that climate change can also have social and aesthetic implications for city dwellers.

Bring out the local spirit

Zaragoza‘s nature-focused projects are examples of current and future transformative actions aligned with the goals of sustainability, inclusion and quality of life. All of these criteria coincide with the goals of the New European Bauhaus.

In this context, the European Commission has funded the CRAFt Cities project and selected Zaragoza not only because it is a city committed to climate neutrality, but also because there are two examples of city projects aiming for a transformation with quality of life Citizens in mind, whereby the is to be emphasized in particular Aspects of sustainability and a better quality of life” explained Blanca Soláns, Director of European Funds for the city, who was responsible for submitting Zaragoza’s application for the CrAFt Cities Club.

The European initiative combines several goals: commitment to climate neutrality, commitment to culture and art as transformative tools for cities and societies and defense of inclusive politics. This is a project valid until the year 2025.


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