Arrested Zaragoza doctor who took money from dead patient’s bank account


As reported today, Saturday 18 June, by the National Police, the doctor at a residence in Zaragoza has been arrested after admitting to stealing money from a dead patient’s bank account

An investigation was launched on June 13 when the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Delicias District Police Station learned of a complaint lodged with a police station in Madrid. It was from a woman who claimed she noticed multiple withdrawals from her father’s bank accounts after he recently died in an apartment building in Zaragoza.

The applicant explained that she had contacted the above-mentioned flat because she was concerned that her father was not answering his mobile phone. She was then told by those responsible that her father had been dead since April 21, but that they had no family contact details and therefore could not notify her.

A few days later, she checked the movements of her father’s bank account. She confirmed that five different operations had been carried out since his death, specifically cash withdrawals from various ATMs in Zaragoza and the surrounding area totaling €2,000.

When she contacted the dormitory again, the person in charge informed her that all of her father’s belongings were in custody and that they had changed the lock on his room so that it could be occupied by another resident.

After carrying out the relevant investigations and procedures, the police officers were able to identify the alleged perpetrator. It turned out to be the doctor at the dormitory where the deceased was held. They proceeded to summon him to the police station to inform him of his arrest, where he voluntarily presented himself around 10:00 am on Thursday, June 16, where he admitted the facts in their entirety.

He also apologized for sending a brown envelope containing around 4,000 euros along with the deceased’s wallet and paperwork, while giving Zaragoza Police as the return address.

After contacting the postal logistics center, the police verified that an envelope with the characteristics stated by the arrestee actually existed. They collected it and took it to the police station.

The detainee, who had no criminal record, was released after giving evidence at the police station and is now awaiting production before the relevant judicial authorities.


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