AEDAS Homes delivers 1,963 homes and achieves its business plan



AEDAS houses has achieved its delivery target for the fiscal year ended March 31st. With the delivery of 1,963 apartments, the company has achieved its business plan and cemented its benchmark status for deliveries in the Spanish housing sector.

The company is reports its all-time best numbers and has proven once again that it is Management skills and sustainable growth.

The almost 2,000 apartments that the company delivered in 2020-21 are located in the most dynamic residential markets in Spain and are characterized by modern, high-quality design and sustainability.

Part of this current success is due to the company’s decision in 2018 to be the first house builder in Spain to promote large-scale offsite construction. Three years later, the company leads the industry in the use of Modern construction methods (MMC), with 24 projects and 1,500 homes, some or all of which are precision engineered in factories.

In addition, in 2019 it was also the first company to sign an agreement to develop turnkey build-to-rent projects in Spain. Today it has 9 BTR projects totaling over 1,100 units and has already delivered its first turnkey development.

“This delivery goal is to be achieved excellent news for both AEDAS Homes and the real estate industry as a wholewhich is proving to be the driving force of the Spanish economy at such a difficult time due to the health crisis, “commented David Martínez, CEO of AEDAS Homes.

Mr Martinez emphasized that AEDAS Homes has reached its delivery target with solvency and during a particularly complex, extraordinary context, brought about by the pandemic that paralyzed the country for several months and also despite the greatest blizzard of memory in Spain that brought Madrid and other cities to a standstill for several days in early 2021.

The developer has a fully authorized land bank to build more than 15,500 houses in the main economic centers of Spain and the most dynamic residential markets: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Alicante, the Balearic Islands, Costa del Sol, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, etc.

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