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Two Louisiana men accused of beating and then killing a woman alleged rapist

Two Louisiana men are accused of viciously beating and stabbing a woman’s suspected rapist before shooting the suspected rapist’s victim in the head. They then left her body in an abandoned naval base to keep her calm about the violence. This emerges from new court documents that set out the brutal crime. Dylan Craddock, 27, and Cody Matthews, 33, are charged with second degree murder in the death of popular Slidell waitress Brooke Buchler, 25, after their body was discovered at the abandoned base on August 23, just one day after her death had been reported missing, according to The Times-Picayune. Police said in the newspaper’s court documents that the men held Buchler “a liability” after seeing them viciously assault a man they accused of raping them. Both men are also charged with kidnapping and attempted murder in the attack. Just days before her disappearance, New Orleans Police said Buchler confided in several people that she had been raped by a man she knew. Matthews and Craddock allegedly set out to retaliate. Buchler’s mother, Cristin Naquin, told the local broadcaster WWL that Craddock had been “good friends” with her daughter since high school and was “a bit of a brother” to her. The couple is said to have “hit the man badly” in Buchler’s apartment, stabbed him to death and left him for dead in a remote marshland, according to court documents. The man survived and was taken to a local hospital. Investigators said Matthews and Craddock both fled to a hotel on St. Bernard Parish. Buchler was reportedly staying with them at their hotel on August 21 before she disappeared and was found dead two days later by a squatter who was staying at the abandoned naval base. Police said Craddock’s phone recordings showed he was in contact with Buchler on the morning of August 21 and was later in the area where Buchler’s body was discovered, according to police. Dylan Craddock and Cody Matthews Photo: New Orleans Police Department Craddocks phone reportedly also revealed that he told his children’s mother on the morning of August 22 that he was planning to leave his phone at his mother’s home because he was “doing it” would be a drop, “the police said he may have tried to establish an alibi. According to police, authorities found photos of both men at the naval site on Craddock’s phone a week earlier, suggesting they knew the area. Several witnesses also called a Crimestoppers hotline to report that Craddock had said he killed Buchler because she had become a “liability” that could involve her in the earlier kidnapping. Both men were detained on September 3 in connection with the man’s abduction and attempted murder. While behind bars on the charges, police said Matthews was recorded on a phone call in prison telling someone he was “present when Craddock killed Buchler”. The additional second degree murder charges for Buchler’s death were added on October 1st. Buchler’s family described the waitress to WWL as a free spirit who loved the TV series “Game of Thrones” and often tattoos of literary quotes, planets or a lotus flower. Her godmother Rhonda Dallimore told the news agency that a month before her goddaughter died, Buchler was involved with a man she met on vacation in Florida, but the relationship soon darkened and sparked the fatal series of events. “She just gave everyone a chance. And I’m afraid she met someone who shouldn’t, ”said Dallimore. Craddock is currently held in the Orleans Justice Center for a $ 1 million bond. Matthews, who is in custody at St. Tammany Parish Jail, is being held on a $ 625,000 loan. Both men pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and kidnapping in the first case. It is not clear whether they filed a plea for murder charges against them.



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